Year 4 Global Goals Presentations - Bangkok Prep

Year 4 Global Goals Presentations

As part of our ‘Next Generation’ Thematic Unit, Year 4 have been learning about the UN Global Goals, and how they are aiming to improve conditions in the world, for both people, and the environment.


We have been extremely lucky to have had parents who work with the UN come in and talk to the children about their jobs, and how they are relate to the Global Goals. 

This morning, Mr Viegelahn, Yuna’s dad, came to talk to us about his job with the ILO, the section of the UN tasked with ensuring ‘Decent Employment for All.’ It was fascinating to learn about his work in Bangkok and to find out about his move to Fiji and how the ILO is supporting employment in Fiji and the surrounding countries.  

Last week, Mr Kravchenko, a Year 4 parent, came to talk to 4SD about his work with the UN, helping to develop fair and productive trade agreements between countries.

It has been wonderful to hear real world examples of how people are working to achieve the Global Goals and these sessions have been a valuable addition to our Thematic learning. We are extremely grateful to both these parents for coming in and taking the time to share their experience with the children. 

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