Year 5 Space Exhibition - Bangkok Prep

Year 5 Space Exhibition

On Thursday 14th February, Year 5 hosted a Space Exhibition to display their Curiosity Projects. Our guests were greeted by a dazzling display of lights as they arrived (thanks to our fantastic TAs) before they ventured in to the Year 5 classrooms to explore the range of projects that were on display.

All of the children in Year 5 came up with a question linked to space that they were interested in. They spent the next few weeks researching their question and organising the information that they had found. Finally, they created a model or information board to show what they had learnt. It was evident that the Year 5 children had worked very hard on their projects as there were a range of exciting things to see including a model of the International Space Station, models of planets, demonstrations of why we have day and night and many expertly designed space shuttles.

A substantial number of parents, teachers and students came to visit our exhibition and this presented a wonderful opportunity for Year 5 to share everything that they had learnt by presenting to the guests as they walked around. We hope that Year 5 continue to ask questions about the world around them and inspire us as they did this week. Well done Year 5 and thank you to everyone who came to visit.


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