Year 8 Geography Field Trip to the Forest Campus - Bangkok Prep

Year 8 Geography Field Trip to the Forest Campus

The Year 8’s over two days split into two groups and completed some carousel activities on their recent Geography Field Trip to the Forest Campus.

This involved:

  • Forest Campus ecosystems study 
  • Community farm and play area 
  • Bike riding 

At the community farm students had the opportunity to play water games and complete various challenges and overcome some fears. These included, heights and muddy water! They enjoyed the water and mud slides whilst working as part of teams to complete obstacle courses.

At the forest school students completed studies on micro climate, this involved analysing how water, concerts and vegetation plays a role in climate. As well as this the students did some infiltration testing at four different sites. Finally, the students then did some ecosystem art, this involved finding dead plants, grasses etc. or those that had already fallen to the ground to design a piece of art work.

Bike ride students looked at the mangrove and rain forest ecosystems. The bike riding was a challenge for some, but it was good to see most students giving it a go.

Both days were hot – but the students had a great time exploring and being outside.

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