Year 8 Science Fair - Bangkok Prep

Year 8 Science Fair

This year’s Science Fair showcased the incredible talents and curiosity of our Year 8 students, who have explored a wide range of scientific concepts and hypotheses.

There was a diverse array of experiments and eye-catching posters. Each project represented weeks of research, experimentation, and analysis. The students meticulously documented their findings and were proud to share them in front of their peers and the panel of judges.

Our judges: Mr Woods, Senior Leader linked to Science, Ms. Caldwell, Head of Science, and Ms. Court -Smith, Head of Secondary had difficulty in choosing the winners. However, through much deliberation, they have chosen the following students. A massive congratulations for their hard work!


1st Place: PL T, Mark C and Bob L for their experimentation on the Homopolar Motor

2nd Place: Pome U and Isabel P for their investigation on which liquids do best for plant growth

3rd Place: Tara B, Latte Y, and Vee N for their creation of crystal candy.


Honourable Mention: Bhuvi, Amy, Yieum, Shweyee for their investigation on the effect of music on concentration.

Crosby Beynon
International Award Leader, Biology Teacher and Year 8 Science Lead


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