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Year 8 Science Fair


Dear Parents and Carers of Students in Year 8:

Starting in May, Year 8 students will start working towards their Science Fair projects. Science work is often about collaboration and teamwork so students will be working in groups of 3 or 4. The projects will be introduced in class and students will be able to seek support from their Science teacher throughout, but the work needs to be completed at home.

This letter gives detail regarding due dates and important information regarding your child’s project.

There are two ways in which your child can take part:



Create a display board/poster about a Science topic that you find really interesting and that you would like to teach other people about


Complete an experiment at home. The best projects would include a hypothesis, method, results table, conclusion, and evaluation. Create a display board/poster of your findings.


We appreciate your support on this valuable learning experience and would encourage you to discuss this with your child to help them choose a topic that they are capable of working on safely and collaboratively at home and is student lead. It is important for students to pick topics that they are genuinely interested in, as they will be working on these projects for the next 2.5/3 weeks. Topics must also be creative and “original” – something students do not already know.



  • The project will be due on the 22nd May 2022.
  • The top 2 projects from each Science class will be invited to present their work in the Science Week Project Gallery to be judged against other students in Year 8.


We are really looking forward to seeing the student’s fantastic work!


The Bangkok Prep Science Faculty


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