Your Kids session at Bangkok Prep Primary Campus - Bangkok Prep

Your Kids session at Bangkok Prep Primary Campus

On December 26, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m,  Bangkok Prep Primary Campus will be co-hosting a ‘Your Kids’ session provided by Ashoka Thailand, who are leaders in Parenting and Changemakers training. 
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Information about Your Kids

Many of the world’s successful changemakers and entrepreneurs have a common trait: they started changemaking at a young age. In a world of unprecedented change, we need to find effective outlets to empower young people to dream, solve challenges, and bring purpose to their lives. Since parents love their children more than anything else, we believe they play a critical role in developing young changemakers. If parents are empowered to equip their children with a changemaker mindset,  young people will gain the skills they need to adapt to a changing world and contribute to change. Your Kids was developed as a unique platform to help parents and young people master changemaking skills simultaneously. 

Overview: Your Kids is a parent-led initiative that enables parents or corporate employees to develop changemaker skills while connecting with their family.  Through a 90 minute workshop and the opportunity to convene with like-minded individuals, participants create ideas and model changemaking skills with the ones they love the most: their kids. Not only does this process lead to closer more engaged families, working parents are better equipped to support their children as changemakers, and employees’ discover how changemaking can play a role at work.


By participating in the Your Kids program it is our goal to:
– Enable parents to understand that the world is changing fast and the relevance of being changemakers in their families, companies/organizations and communities.
– Equip parents with tools and activities to model and develop the skills of empathy, leadership, teamwork, and changemaking within their children.
– Empower working parents to become changemakers themselves by  creating and modeling changemaker skills with their children.
– Identify Parent Change Leaders who would want to partner with Ashoka to lead Your Kids sessions.


After completing the Your Kids program participants should be able to:
1. Understand the urgency to support their children to become changemakers
2. Execute ideas to support their children to become changemakers.


 – The Your Kids program is intended for any participants who with a young person in his/her life:
 – Parents with children 6-17
 – Relatives caring for young people 6-17
 – Those  working with young people in other capacities

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