NIST Swim Extreme 2017 - Bangkok Prep

NIST Swim Extreme 2017

This past Saturday a selected Bulldog swim squad attended the NIST 2017 Swim Extreme.

This is a high level event and was the first time that a Bangkok Prep Bulldog’s squad attended. Our team did not let us down and there were some gutsy and diehard swims from all of our representatives. We have some champions in our school BUT most importantly we have a champion team that cares for each other and supports each other. This is a culture that we are proud to cultivate. This past weekend our coaches witnessed all of the above in what many consider an ‘individual’ sport. Bulldog swimming is not an individual sport! EVERY swimmer at this event contributed to our success and our support as a team was evident.

The following are the notable individual achievements:

  • 2017 TEAM CHAMPIONS (total points divided by number of swimmers)
  • 2017 Runner up in Total Points
  • U15 Boys Age Champion: Craig Alburquerque
  • U13 Girls – 2nd place Nao Takahashi; 3rd place Angelina Allen
  • U13 Boys – 3rd place James Gooch
  • U9 Girls Age Champion Coco Scales
  • U8 Girls Age Champion Ava Smith
  • U8 Boys Age Champion Matt Jatupornpakdee
  • U8 Boys 2nd place Yuki Takahashi

This result is the just rewards of the hard training that the core of our Bulldog team are maintaining. It takes certain determination and character to get up hours before anyone else and then swim kilometres before other students have even arrived at school. I would also like to acknowledge the commitment to the swimmer’s success by the selfless school coaching staff. Bangkok Prep are very fortunate to have the resources and the dedication of enthusiastic parents and an excellent coaching team to ensure our continued success.

Matt Ferrier

Head of Aquatics

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