Nursery learn all about how to be a firefighter - Bangkok Prep

Nursery learn all about how to be a firefighter

Report by Early Years Coordinator Emma Gricmanis

In Nursery we have been continuing our topic related to transport. This week we have been focusing on emergency vehicles and the roles of the people who use them.

On Wednesday 31 May we welcomed a group of firefighters.

During the visit we listened to them share information about their job and demonstrate how and why they use the equipment they wear, such as the flashlight, face mask and oxygen tanks. They explained to us how to stay safe in a fire and we practiced the firefighter’s advice of, ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’.

After hearing all about the role of a firefighter and what we should do in a fire, we explored the fire truck in the Early Years car park. We had opportunity to operate the hose and to sit inside, just like the firefighters, when speeding to an emergency.

This visit was extremely engaging for the Nursery children and has provided a great deal of inspiration for our learning.

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