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Panda Day Charity Event to Save the Giant Pandas

On Friday 7th September a fundraiser for the conservation of giant pandas will be taking place during break time and lunch time at the Undercroft beneath building B on the Secondary campus. This charity day is being carried out as part of a student’s EPQ project. The aim of the project is to raise as much money as possible for the cause and to educate students as well as parents on the importance of lending a hand to help protect and preserve the species on our planet. Students will be able to enjoy a bake sale that will be put on during break and lunch times, handmade bracelets will also be sold. Any donations and volunteers for the sales will also be gratefully accepted as well as any baked goods or handmade bracelets.

The money collected will then be sent to the World Wildlife Foundation as they aim to protect and conserve nature and reduce the threats to the diversity of life on Earth. One of the WWF’s main causes is to preserve and protect the Giant Pandas, which are near extinction. To achieve this, the WWF have provided reserves for the pandas to live on, as well as medical assistance and providing solutions for the local communities to live in harmony among the Giant Pandas. All the money raised will be going to creating more reserves, bigger charity events and fundraisers put on by WWF, research on the species behaviour, mating, breeding, disease prevention, patrols in the reserves to prevent poaching and logging, and to search for sick or injured Pandas. The money will also be used for medical care as although the numbers have decreased dramatically in the last ten years, pandas are still being hunted within the reserves for game.

Thank you in advance for your support and we hope you are able to enjoy some delicious cupcakes while helping save the pandas.

When? Friday 7th September

Where? Undercroft at Building B

Why? To save the Giant Pandas

Angela Clement

Year 13 EPQ Student



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