Prep students visit International Trade Challenge workshop - Bangkok Prep

Prep students visit International Trade Challenge workshop

On 5th April, Year 10 students Marsha and Champ took part in the JA International Trade Challenge workshop.  

The initial morning session focused on a panel discussion on entrepreneurship skills, start up businesses and design for social innovation. The panel contained experts from the UN, Bangkok University and Junior Achievement.  

One of the main messages from the panel was the fact that successful entrepreneurs can provide a number of social benefits for the communities they operate in and this should be their aim. This allowed all the students involved to learn from the experience of these experts and also ask questions in an interactive forum.

After lunch the students were then removed from their school groups and pushed beyond their comfort zone by being asked to work with other students. This allowed them to build on their problem solving, networking and team working skills while tackling a product development idea.

Marsha and Champ took an active part in their group discussions that focused on developing a product-based solution to a current problem they identified. The discussions focused on the marketing mix, finance and were facilitated by Mr. Arthon Prompatanapak an Entrepreneurship Professor from Bangkok University.

These student led discussions allowed Champ and Marsha to work with other students and develop and share their ideas.

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