Bangkok Prep Roundup - 5th November 2021 - Bangkok Prep

Bangkok Prep Roundup – 5th November 2021

Best School in Thailand in Languages – Education Perfect Language Championships

The Bangkok Prep Secondary World Languages Faculty competed in the Education Perfect Language Championships. Thanks to our amazing students, we are the best school in Thailand in languages! And we finished 16th in the world!
Here are some of the highlights: 

Best school in the world for Japanese

Best school in Thailand for French, German, Indonesian, Arabic, Maori and Malay

2nd ...

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Day of the Dead – El Día de los Muertos

This week we have been learning loads about "El Día de los Muertos" or Day of the Dead. During our World Languages lessons, we have experienced the festivity celebrated mainly in Mexico but also important in other Spanish speaking countries. There have been different activities, from listening to typical Mexican songs for this special day, decorating Catrina masks, to participating in a Catrina Mask ...

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Preparing your children for Public Examinations Webinar

Parents and guardians of students in Years 10-13 are invited to attend our 'Preparing your children for Public Examinations' Webinar. This webinar will be held virtually on Zoom on Monday, 8th November from 4.00 – 5.00pm.

The Zoom code will be sent to parent via email.

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Fumika and Sayo get first place in FOBISIA Maths


Check out this amazing video of sisters Fumika and Sayo from Key Stage 2, who have been awarded first place in the FOBISIA Maths video competition!

They were set the challenge of creating a video to show how technology has evolved through Maths. Fumika and Sayo were very creative and linked this to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Well done Fumika ...

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Constant and True 2021

The latest edition of Bangkok Prep’s annual academic achievement publication ‘Constant and True’ is out now and can be viewed/downloaded here or click on the cover below.

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Bangkok Prep Master Chef Round 2

The interculturalism has shone through with the vast variety of countries and cultures being represented by the different dishes. Unfortunately as we move on to Round 3- Semi Finals, some tough decisions had to be made by the judges.

Congratulations to:

Surus - Will (Y11), Bhuvi (Y7)
Panthera - Angie (Y8)
Sabre - Jooeun (Y9), ...

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Bangkok Prep to host Augmented Reality Museum Workshop

Partnership with Perception Codes gives students the opportunity to experience exhibits from Imperial War Museums and Science Museum Group

Bangkok Prep prepares students for the impact of automation through educational policy and embraces art and design within its STEM movement as critical to successful innovation.

Our students acknowledge the undoubtable increase of global technological advancements ...

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Primary Weekly Blog Friday 5th November 2021

Please check your emails for this week's Primary Weekly Blog to find out about the exciting activities each year group has been up to, and you can also find details of our upcoming activities next week!


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Secondary Community Updates

Please check your emails for this week's Secondary Community Updates and find out about the latest news and happenings at the Secondary School.

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official Bangkok Prep Online School Shop

Open now: ‘The Bulldogs Shop’ - the official Bangkok Prep Online School Shop where you can buy school uniforms, sports kits and much more! You can chat with our school shop representatives whilst you shop and pay via online banking transaction. On-site pick up only (both campuses). Our working hours are from 8am- 4pm, Monday to Friday.

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Gradual Return to PE and Sport at Bangkok Prep 21/22

We are very excited to be returning to school in a gradual and safe manner. Likewise, we are thrilled to see the children returning to PE and Sport. We will continue to progress through stages of return to PE and Sport as a school.


Please see the stages you can expect us to go through as we safely and progressively reintroduce further outstanding PE and Sport opportunities to our children ...

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Primary School Author Day

Our Primary School Library held its annual Author Day on Thursday 14th October. It was a lunchtime activity featuring works from the wonderful author and illustrator, Anthony Browne, who has won the Kate Greenaway medal twice and the Kurt Maschler ‘Emil’ three times. He is also the first British illustrator to receive the international Hans Christian Anderson medal. His most famous book is Gorilla ...

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Digital Citizenship

This week, children from Reception to Year 6 have taken part in a series of Digital Citizenship discussions based around our 6 key areas: Media Balance, Digital Footprint, Cyberbullying, News and Media, Privacy and Security, Relationships and Communication. In our assembly today, Mr Smart spoke to KS1 and KS2 about Media balance and shared a story.

As a school that embraces digital technology and ...

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Key Stage 3 BandLab Project Top Tracks

Students in Key Stage 3  needed to listen to and research a variety of different musical styles and use that knowledge to create their own compositions.
They used an online, browser-based application called Bandlab to combine and edit loops into a completed track.

Here are ...

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Bangkok Prep & AIS Electronic Waste Campaign

Bangkok Prep is fully committed to environmental education and sustainability! And we are proud to be the only international school in Thailand that is working with AIS (Thailand's largest GSM mobile phone operator) on the Electronic Waste campaign.

Students are now back on campus and they are able to deposit their E-Waste in the paper box bin by the security guard counter at both campuses.

The ...

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Jhonas Vegas – Meet our Teachers

Welcome to Jhonas who has joined our Primary Music department!

Jhonas has a fantastic range of experiences - with a strength in a string instruments. Jhonas also has a background in El Sistema - a renowned music-education programme, founded by José Antonio - which he will bring to his role at Bangkok Prep.

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Swimming through a Screen

There are a couple of ingredients that a swim teacher relies on when teaching the life long skill of swimming. Obviously one is children, and how wonderful it is to have had children back, the other big staple is good old H20.

But hold on… if there is something this old swim teacher has learnt during online swim education is that having a visual captive audience was a wonderful opportunity ...

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Health & Well being at Bangkok Prep

The day began like any other; we logged in, we clicked our Zoom links and off we went.
But this time, the day looked a little different. It didn't quite feel like we were online.
As all the tutors shared their stories and tribulations during period 1, of ways in which we deal with all the challenges in our life, we realised we had something a bit different to offer the class today. There wasn't ...

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Bangkok Prep Community Fair – 2021/22

Welcome to the Bangkok Prep Community Fair!

Bangkok Prep is committed to supporting our community and serving all families by offering special discounts and other unique deals on parent businesses. We offer this through our Bangkok Prep Community Fair.

If you would like to participate in this program within the community, please send an A4 .jpeg of your promotional advertorial, and don’t ...

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