Primary Art Week - Bangkok Prep

Primary Art Week

In Primary, we started our Primary Art Week a little bit early. We were very lucky to welcome two teachers from Secondary to teach Year 5 and 6 Art and Design Technology. Mr Bannister and Mr Spence came to the 53 campus and lead special lessons for the students in Art and Design Technology. For Art, Mr Bannister taught the students about the ‘Visual Elements’ of Art particularly tone, line and colour. Each student created their own piece which will be joined together for a large collaborative artwork. In the makerspace, Mr Spence developed students’ knowledge of the design process by creating 3D Pop Art inspired words from cardboard using skills of cutting and joining. The students really enjoyed the lessons and although we are on two campuses, we all work together as one school.

Thank you to Mr Bannister and Mr Spence.

Natasha Jones

Primary Art and DT Coordinator

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