Primary FOBISIA team make Bangkok Prep proud - Bangkok Prep

Primary FOBISIA team make Bangkok Prep proud

Report by Head of Primary PE Jo North

Our Year 5 and 6 Primary FOBISIA team have been training for the past five months getting ready for this past weekend’s competition in Phuket.

After an early arrival on the island on Wednesday 24 May, the team set about team-building, learning CPR and when to use it, and spending free time in the pool. They had a relaxing day before other teams arrived and dinner was served.

Day 1 – Athletics

After a busy morning’s athletics, the team were happy with their accomplishments on the field and track. With their 18 medals from the track events, the team worked exceptionally hard in the field to claim another 35 medals from their field events. All in all a good day.

1st Place – 17 medals
2nd Place- 15 medals
3rd Place – 21 medals
Total: 53 medals

Overall Placing:

1st – British School of Guangzhou (China) BSG
2nd – The British School of Beijing, Shunyi (China) BSY
3rd – Dulwich College, Seoul (South Korea) DSL
4th – Bangkok Prep (Thailand) BPR
5th – St.Andrews Green Valley (Thailand) STA

Day 1 – Football

It was a long day for all the players, but they did a fantastic job and improved in every football match. The teams supported each other between matches and made friends and showed respect to one another both on and off the field. Our U10 girls just missed out on 3rd place and our other teams all played admirably.

Overall Placing:

U10 Boys: 1st – DSL, 2nd – STG, 3rd – BSG, 4th – BSY, 5th – BPR
U11 Boys: 1st – BSY, 2nd – BSG, 3rd – DSL, 4th – STG, 5th – BPR
U10 Girls: 1st – STG, 2nd – BSG, 3rd – BSY, 4th – BPR, 5th – DSL
U11 Girls: 1st -DSL, 2nd -BSY, 3rd -STG, 4th – BSG, 5th – BPR

Day 2 – Tball

Students enjoyed a half day rest with their team at the hotel with a movie and popcorn; the other Bangkok Prep teams were at the local cricket ground playing Tball.

Our A-teams played in the morning and our B-teams in the afternoon; playing intermittently between the rain. All coaches were very proud of their team’s efforts. Although Prep didn’t place in the tournament, the teams came a long way throughout the day.

Tball Overall Placing:

U10 A: 1st – DSL, 2nd – BSY, 3rd – BSG, 4th – BPR, 5th STG
U11 A: 1st – BSY, 2nd – BSG, 3rd – DSL, 4th STG, 5th BPR
U10 B: 1st – BSY, 2nd – STG, 3rd – BSG, 4th DSL, 5th BPR
U11 B: 1st – BSG, 2nd – BSY, 3rd – DSL, 4th STG, 5th BPR

Day 3 – Swimming

Swimming proved to be our most successful day with many podium winners and Prep placing 3rd overall in swimming, ending FOBISIA in good spirits and with a trophy. The day finished with the gala dinner, presentation and disco.

1st Place – 11 medals
2nd Place – 18 medals
3rd Place – 19 medals
48 medals

Overall Placing:

1st – Dulwich College, Seoul (South Korea) DSL
2nd – The British School of Beijing, Shunyi (China) BSY
3rd – Bangkok Prep School (Thailand) BPR
4th –  British School of Guangzhou (China) BSG
5th – St.Andrews Green Valley (Thailand) STA

Our teams travelled home on Sunday 28 May after three days of intense competition. All of our athletes developed in skills, sportsmanship and team spirit, endurance and understanding of the games and their events.

It has been a pleasure to see our athletes get better and better throughout their tournament and I look forward to many of them trying for our Prep FOBISIA travelling teams again next year.

Primary FOBISIA will be held again next May in Phuket. We will travel with 10 boys and 10 girls from Year 5; and 10 boys and 10 girls from Year 6. Information regarding tryouts and the trip will be posted in December 2018.

For more information, please contact Jo North:

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