Primary Green Day 2018 - Bangkok Prep

Primary Green Day 2018

Dear Primary Parents,

On Tuesday 26th June the Primary Eco Team have organised a Primary Green Day. On this day each class will spend some time clearing out their classrooms and collecting all recyclable and reusable materials, for recycling or donation.

At Bangkok Prep we have a very effective paper recycling programme that allows us to sell white paper for a small profit. This money is then used to buy books for less fortunate schools in other parts of Thailand. The intention is that all used paper throughout the school will be recycled during our Green Day on the 26th June.

Aside from paper, we also intend to clear our classrooms of other kinds of reusable items. As a school we have links with a number of charities that accept donations of books, toys and clothes. We will be arranging for a pick-up of these items on 26th June.

As part of this Primary Green Day, we would also like to invite the families of Bangkok Prep to take part in this recycling/donation drive. If you have any used paper at home, we would encourage you to bring it into school on the 26th so that we can add it to our collection. Similarly, if you have any old clothes or toys, we would like to ask that you bring them in to add to our donation.

This day will be a good opportunity to combine environmental awareness with social action, highlighting the interconnected nature of sustainability. This has been a key concept in our Global Learning Programme throughout the year and our Green Day provides a practical application for these ideas.

Please note that our Eco Schools Programme is almost entirely student led and that these ideas come from, and are carried out by, the students. This is the truest and most powerful form of education and social change. The Eco Team would like to thank everybody in advance for their donations and support; it really does make a difference.

The Primary Eco Team

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