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The Head of Primary welcomes everyone... It is often said that Primary School is the best time in a child’s life. At Bangkok Prep we strive to make this a reality both from an educational, and a personal and social perspective. We live in a rapidly changing world and this can be a challenge for educators. Our responsibility is to prepare global citizens so they are able to tackle the challenges that life will throw at them as well as equipping them for a future that is ever changing. In the Primary School at Bangkok Prep we set the highest of standards for our learners as we want them to see endless possibilities for their future. We encourage them, not only to dream but also to find a realistic way of achieving their dreams through hard work and dedication (with all the support the need).  In order to achieve this, we have a team of highly committed and dedicated staff who each value the importance of Primary education and work hard to meet the needs of each and every child. The school teaches to the National Curriculum of England and Wales, modified to reflect the culture and society of Thailand and the Thai people. All of our teachers are fully qualified and experienced in the delivery of this curriculum and come from a wide variety of teaching backgrounds and experiences.  Teaching and learning at Bangkok Prep follows an innovative thematic approach, where children learn within real life contexts which are underpinned with the academic rigour of the curriculum. This enables them to develop a set of skills that will help them to flourish as individuals. Learning is personalised to each child and a variety of teaching methods are used in order to take into account the many different abilities and talents of the children in our care. We foster mutual respect, trust and understanding in our school which ensures all children feel valued and included. If you are browsing this website for the first time, we hope you find it a useful introduction to our Primary School. If you want to find out first-hand about all we have to offer then why not pay us a visit and see for yourself.

Martin Breen Head of Primary

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Our Primary Curriculum, the National Curriculum of England

At Bangkok Prep we follow a high quality thematic curriculum which has been specifically designed for the children at our school by our expert teaching team. Whilst our curriculum is firmly rooted in the National Curriculum of England, it extends far beyond this and is in no way limited by its statutes. By utilising carefully selected, cross-curricular themes, we provide a tangible and exciting context within which to develop and apply essential core skills, integral to individual subjects. We look to ensure that curricular themes are highly stimulating and engaging. These themes are designed to engage children’s natural enthusiasm which ensures high quality learning takes place. At the heart of our curriculum is an uncompromising commitment to ensuring every child develops to the highest possible standard in all subject areas. Children are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for finding answers to their questions, both independently and collaboratively. Within our curriculum, we look to maximise opportunities for active and interactive learning where children utilise first-hand experience and learn through doing rather than simply observing or listening. We aim to capitalise on the natural curiosity and enthusiasm to learn, which is evident in primary aged children. Whilst helping each child to understand and make sense of the world around them, we actively create a wide range of opportunities for children to discover what may ultimately become lifelong passions, interests and talents. These profound learning experiences will inevitably begin to define children as individuals and ensure they lead a fulfilling life.

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