EYFS to Year 6 Curriculum Overview - Bangkok Prep

EYFS to Year 6 Curriculum Overview

At Bangkok Prep we follow a high quality thematic curriculum which has been specifically designed for the children at our school by the teachers of our school. Whilst our curriculum is firmly rooted in the National Curriculum of England, it extends far beyond this and is in no way limited by its statutes. By utilising carefully selected, cross-curricular themes, we provide a tangible and exciting context within which to develop and apply essential core skills, integral to individual subjects. We look to ensure that curricular themes are highly stimulating and engaging. These themes are designed to exploit children’s natural enthusiasm which ensures high quality learning takes place. At the heart of our curriculum is an uncompromising commitment to ensuring every child develops to the highest possible standard in all subject areas. Children are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for finding answers to their questions, both independently and collaboratively. Within our curriculum, we look to maximise opportunities for active, hands-on learning where children utilise first-hand experience and learn through doing rather than simply observing or listening. We aim to capitalise on the natural curiosity, enthusiasm to learn which is evident in primary aged children. Whilst helping each child to understand and make sense of the world around them, we actively create a wide range of opportunities for children to discover what may ultimately become lifelong passions, interests and talents. These profound learning experiences will inevitably begin to define children as individuals and ensure they lead a fulfilling life.

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Our Campuses

Primary Campus

Bangkok Prep Primary Campus
23 Sukhumvit 53, Vadhana
Bangkok, 10110

Secondary Campus

Bangkok Prep Secondary Campus
77 Sukhumvit 77, Vadhana
Bangkok, 10110