Primary Results - Bangkok Prep

Primary Results

At Bangkok Prep we are very proud of our achievements. Our philosophy
is built upon the ‘whole child’, developing our children socially, emotionally
and academically. The majority of our assessment is used formatively - to
help meet each child’s individual needs.

Our move away from the traditional End of Key Stage SATs tests has
continued to prove a positive step, and our results accurately reflect the
progress of our children.

Many of the schools across the UK and internationally are now choosing
to use standardised tests to add to their internal assessment methods. At
Bangkok Prep, we use standardised tests, as well as our more personal and
thorough teacher assessments, to give us a complete picture of the progress
of every child.

Standardised tests enable us to measure the children against their peers
both in the UK and in the vast array of international schools. Typically,
the results of standardised assessments show that only 1 in 6 children
will exceed expectations. Once again, Bangkok Prep have demonstrated
fantastic progress and achievement, with an average ratio of 1 in 3 exceeding
expectations, and a staggering 56% of children exceeding in Maths!

This has been a fantastic year, demonstrating that Bangkok Prep continues
to go from strength to strength!

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