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Primary Transition to Secondary

As children move through school, they are subject to subtle changes in the way that they learn. Children’s learning at the Early Years Foundation Stage occurs almost entirely through the medium of play. Subsequently, the children’s learning becomes more formal as they grow older and they move towards a more independent model of learning whereby they utilise the appropriate learned skills to solve problems and challenges. In Primary School, there are a very clear set of discrete subject skills that are encompassed within a rich and enthralling thematic curriculum.

The movement from the Primary School to the Secondary School will inevitably involve both excitement and anxiety in some students. To prepare the children for a smooth transition, children in Year 6 visit the secondary campus throughout the year. During these visits they experience some secondary ‘taster’ lessons and meet the teachers that will be working with them in the next year. These exciting lessons have resulted in the children feeling very positive about their time in Year 7 and there has been a significant reduction in anxiety about their future in the Secondary School.

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