Pun's THIEF Project at Thailand National Science & Technology Fair

Pun showcases THIEF project at Thailand National Science and Technology Fair

Pun (Naphat Siripun) who is in Year 9 was selected to showcase his project THIEF at the Thailand Science Project Grand Award 2018, held at the Thailand National Science and Technology Fair during the summer holidays. His project was among 32 projects that were selected from hundreds of submissions to be showcased at the Fair.

Pun’s project, THIEF (Thermal Heat Harvesting Into Electricity for Environment), was something that he started working on at his old school in Vietnam and he brought it over to Bangkok Prep when he moved to Thailand. He has engineered a device that generates electricity from wasted heat energy using semi-conductors! This idea was inspired by the realisation that many people around the world do not have access to electricity.

He has worked closely with his teachers here at Bangkok Prep to turn his great idea into a functional device. Pun hopes to be able to continue working on this project and eventually create something that people can actually use and will play a role in environmental conservation and improving access to electricity.

Congratulations Pun and continue to keep up the excellent work with your development of THIEF.

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