The BMA Health Department Experts Are Invited To Our Primary Campus

Representatives from the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) Health Department are invited to our Primary Campus

As a school we take the well-being of our community very seriously. Our Nurses, from Samitivej Hospital, have a set of procedures that must be followed and they record every visit to the Nurse.  They liaise closely with our Senior Management Team and also with Senior Management at Samitivej. The information recorded is used to look at any patterns or illnesses that are across the school or within year groups. Recently we have had a small number of students who were confirmed as having the Influenza A virus. These 6 students have been off school and are making a good recovery from this strain of the flu virus. If your child has any flu like symptoms please keep them at home and see a Doctor if necessary. If a Doctor gives a diagnosis of Influenza A or any other virus please email a copy of the medical certificate to our Nurses to record on file:

We are always in regular contact with and work in partnership with the BMA and Samitivej Hospital who offer support and guidance in relation to any health issues. We recently invited the BMA Health Department to visit our school to look at our facilities, our procedures and to have a discussion about good practice.

Representatives from the BMA Health Department visited Bangkok Prep Primary Campus on Wednesday 12th September to meet with School Director Khun Patrada and Senior Services Manager Genevieve Ahl. The representatives then walked around the primary school, asked questions about our procedures and answered questions. They will continue to offer support and guidance on health concerns and we are pleased to say that as usual they are very happy with the work that we do at Bangkok Prep.

On Monday 17th September we have invited Paediatric Doctors from Samitivej Hospital to give a talk about Children’s Health to our Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS) parents. The talk will focus on common illnesses our younger students may encounter, how to reduce risks, how to treat and manage illnesses as well as provide information about our school procedures relating to our EYFS students.  The talk will take place from 8.00am – 9.00am in Room 215 of our Primary Campus.  If your child is in EYFS you are invited to this Children’s Health Information Session.

Medical Professionals pictured are: Mrs. Chawanrat Jemudomsin  (Registered Nurse, Senior Professional Level), Miss Kunyaphat Pamotho ( Registered Nurse, Practitioner Level ), Miss Cholthidawan Denchairat Registered Nurse, Practitioner Level )

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