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School Transport News

We are pleased to inform you that the School Transport Service will be introducing ‘School Travel Manager’ for the 2018-19 School year. School Travel Manager is an all-encompassing solution that focuses on the safety of your children whilst they are using school transport. It is not just a simple tracking system. School Travel Manager is an application that will be used by the school Transport Administration Staff, Bus Monitors and parents to further enhance the safeguarding of all transport users.

Parents of students using the service will be able to see in real time exactly where their child or children are and have full peace of mind when their child is in transit to and from home and school. Parents can opt to receive notifications each time their child gets on and off the bus, therefore they will know exactly when they are picked up, when they safely arrive at the school campus or arrive at home. Parents will also be notified if their child does not get on the bus in the morning or afternoon.

Transport Administration Staff will use the system for managing passengers, arranging routing, monitoring the Bus Drivers performance via reports, real time monitoring of the speed of vehicles, ensuring bus documentation is always up to date e.g. road tax, informing parents about traffic delays, informing Bus Monitors and Drivers about cancellations, real time messaging with Bus Monitors, alerts for behavioural issues, ensuring adherence to road regulations and much more.

School Travel Manager features a swipe on and off system where secondary students will use their school ID cards. Primary students will be registered on and off the bus. Therefore, at all times the Driver or Bus Monitor, and the school knows who is on/ not on the vehicle. School and parents can monitor the vehicle in real time at every moment of every trip and parents can set up alerts e.g. you may choose to set an alert for when the bus is 5 minutes away from your home.

The system also monitors each pickup point, pick up time and journey time. This can be used to ensure the routing and timing is accurate. It can also provide navigation if needed, such as if a relief driver is unaware of a student’s home address.

This week we have been training our Bus Monitors, Drivers and Administration Staff in using the service and we are looking forward to the introduction of this enhanced service to all of our Transport users in Term 1 2018-19.

In September 2018 all transport families will be contacted with further details about how to download and use the Parent App and will be given their unique sign in and password details. A parent information session will be held for parents to learn more about the App.

There is no additional cost to the advertised Transport fees for 2018-19 to use this new application, it is all included within the Transport fees.

Please note that all current Transport users will be required to re-enrol in the Transport Service for Term 1 2018-19 onwards. This is a time for us to ensure we have accurate information and that you and your child/ren are aware of the updated rules and regulations of our school Transport Service. If you are a non–user and would like to sign up to use the School Transport service for the next school year please contact or have a look on the Transport Firefly page here.

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