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Science Showcase: Teaching students to think like scientists

In early April, Bangkok Prep’s Science Faculty held their first ‘Science Showcase’.

Year 8 students have been working on a passion-based learning project in which they were given the opportunity to develop an in-depth research project. They were given time and support during lessons but many students elected to carry out extracurricular work, producing projects of a very high standard.

During the showcase, students presented and explained their research to their peers and their Science teachers. The judging process is currently underway and prizes will be awarded later during Term 3.

The students were given the freedom to research a topic completely of their own choice, allowing them to take ownership of their work and to allow them to pursue their passions.

As teachers, our role was simply to guide students, asking them to begin considering their everyday interests, how science concepts can be applied in their everyday life and to help them formulate questions that their research could answer, allowing them to become part of the scientific process.

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