Facility Developments at the Primary Campus @53 - Bangkok Prep

Space, Space, Space! Facility Developments at the Primary Campus @53

Since the Secondary School moved out from S53 to their new campus T77 in August 2017, a number of significant developments and improvements have been put in place at the Primary Campus.

There has been continuous work happening in the background, focusing on the addition of space for our students and ensuring that our young learners have plenty of spaces to stretch out and to further fortify the quality of teaching and learning that they receive.

The following areas have been completed in the last year:

● The renovation of reception classroom with ensuite toilet
● The addition of break out spaces for Year 5 and Year 6

During the summer holidays the school is delighted to announce these new areas (below) will be completed and ready by August 2018:

● The renovation of the Nursery Classes
● The upgrade of the Early Years decking to New Zealand
● The expansion redesign of the cafeteria area
● The renovation of the Thai language and culture corridor
● The renovation and expansion of the Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 and
Y5 breakout spaces, with each year’s own breakout space
ranging from 150-300 sq. metres in size.

“These extra Breakout Spaces offer a unique opportunity to take learning beyond the traditional classroom, and help our teachers to deliver teaching and learning in exciting new ways. The physical spaces are designed to be flexible, comfortable, and to inspire and support students for the essential elements of 21st century learning: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking. These spaces help create the ideal environment for engaging, collaborative learning experiences and we are all very excited by the range of possibilities that they will provide moving forwards,” Martin Breen, the recently appointed Deputy Head of Primary has commented.

In addition to this, the Primary School growth has been carefully planned to continue delivering high quality teaching and learning.

At Bangkok Prep, we aim ”To be an outstanding learning community that is internationally-minded, inspiring all members to achieve their potential”.

Our school development has been planned carefully to be able to deliver our school mission and vision whilst reflecting our school ethos.

Duncan Stonehouse, the recently appointed Head of School, commented; “I am really proud of these innovative developments and I am sure that the children will find these new contemporary learning spaces very exciting. The extra space afforded by these developments will, without doubt, allow our children to flourish into confident and future focused learners. We will continue to ensure that high quality teaching and learning is a priority at Bangkok Prep”.

*These are artistic representations of the planned works to be carried out.

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