Student House Leaders Polo Shirt Fashion Show - Bangkok Prep

Student House Leaders Polo Shirt Fashion Show

The student House Leaders were delighted to receive their House Leader polo shirts. These shirts are a small reward for the vital role our House Leaders play in building the Bangkok Prep school community through their hard work with their House. They will also provide a lasting memento, reminding them of the important role that they played in the House system at Bangkok Prep.

Our current House Captains and Vice Captains (Absent: Sulyña, Vice Captain of Panthera)

Teo said, “It is a great way to raise awareness of the role we play and I think I look pretty sharp as well”. According to Sarina, “The polo has helped us stand out during busy House events like sports day and the Christmas Fair. This is great if people need to find us”. These shirts will help raise the profile of our young student leaders and the House system in school. A huge thanks to Khun Kan and Khun Nui in Purchasing for their help organising the polo shirts.

Sabre House Leadership Team

Surus House Leadership Team

Panthera House Leadership Team

Ursus House Leadership Team

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