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Student Leadership conference

On the 29th and 30th of September, Helena (Head Girl), Nozomi (Deputy Head Girl), Alex (Deputy Head Boy) and I (Head Boy) attended Harrow’s FOBISEA Leadership Conference. Bangkok Prep sent us to represent our school and to develop ourselves as leaders.

There we listened to select teachers from Harrow deliver their presentations on various aspects of leadership, such as leadership styles and the stages of team performance. These presentations gave us very insightful knowledge which we intend to effectively apply in our roles in the school.

Later on we participated in a number of groups activities meant to let us hear ideas from the perspectives of other student leaders as well as to help us interact and form a network with people in similar roles in other schools. Through these activities we were able to share the successes of our own school while being able to draw inspiration from the success of others. Alex and I got the chance to discuss the ideas of certain policies put in place by the student leadership teams in other schools such as Traill and International School Brunei. We have taken these ideas and plan to implement our own form of them to suit our school community.

Finally, the friends and connections we were able to make with so many like-minded leaders from all around South-East Asia was just a cherry on top. We have a Facebook group where we plan to continue to share and discuss our ideas with the collective aim of improving the quality of leadership and the lives of students in our international schools. Our leadership team is very thankful for this experience and we highly recommend that student leaders attend any future conferences. With our new knowledge, networks and skills, we’re deeply looking forward to continuing a great year.

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