Students have great fun at FOBISIA Music Festival - Bangkok Prep

Students have great fun at FOBISIA Music Festival

From 18-22 May, Bangkok Prep students attended the FOBISIA Intermediate Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur. Here are reports by two of them:

“The trip to Malaysia was great fun and I liked working with other schools and students from Bangkok Prep that I wouldn’t normally work with.

“It was a little overwhelming at first as I was the only Bangkok Prep student in the choir group, but it was fun singing with the others and having it all come together in the concert! Thank you to all the teachers for organising the event!” – Sofia, Year 8

“The FOBISIA Intermediate Music Festival at BSKL was a great event. We enjoyed the activities they provided for us and had lots of fun!

“Being at this festival made me realise FOBISIA isn’t just about competing, it’s about creating relationships and learning new things. All of us made new friends, we talked to new people and I personally think that it’s wonderful that we can meet many talented musicians from all over Asia, who are passionate about music.

“Although it was fun, we practiced more than we ever did in our lives! Everyday was tough, but somehow, we got through it. Practicing for five hours a day really wore us out, however all of our hard work paid off when we did the concert.

“All of the pieces we performed were beautiful and it was truly amazing to see what we could achieve in such a short period of time. After the concert, I’m pretty sure everyone was relieved, and we all enjoyed the party afterwards.

“The music festival was a really good experience for me and I hope that everyone else enjoyed this as much as I did.” – Khing, Year 8

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