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Students in Focus

At Prepazine we are passionate about listening to and representing the student voice of Bangkok Prep. Our new regular feature ‘Students in Focus’ wants to hear from students that have something they would like to say about their school experience. If you, or someone you know, would like to feature in ‘Students in Focus’ please email:

This week we caught up with newly appointed Head Boy and Head Girl of Primary, Yumin and JL, to ask them about how they are finding their exciting new role so far.

How does it feel to the first Head Boy and Head Girl of the Primary School?

JL: It feels amazing to be Primary Head Boy as you can stand up and lead other students and be confident.

Yumin: Since we are the first head boy and girl of

Primary, it’s all a new experience to us and the rest of the Primary students, and as we have been voted in we will do a good job.

Can you tell us a little bit about what your roles will be?

JL: To be a role model to the other students in Primary.

Y: To do lots of work with the Student Council, listening to the students and making improvements at school by letting the school know about changes that students would like to see.

What skills do you think an effective Head Boy and Head Girl need to be effective in their role?

JL: To be able to speak confidently in public and to be helpful and approachable to the other students.

Are you looking forward to working with Mr Owen at school events?

Both: Yes. He is a really nice person and he is easy to talk to and works well with all of the students

How do you hope to make a difference in the life of the Primary School? What will you do to make the school better for your fellow students and their families?

Y: I was thinking about making a suggestion box for the students to write down their suggestions on paper and help improve the school.

JL: We would then take these suggestions to the Student

Council meeting and discuss what the students would like with them, and then see what we could do to help.

What changes students told you that they would like to see so far?

Y: Lots of students have said they would like new water cups to be at the water fountains.

JL: Students have said they would like to see changes to the lunch menu.

Are you both looking forward to starting at Secondary? What are you looking forward to the most?

Both: Yes, it looks amazing there.

JL: The facilities are bigger and state of the art, I really liked the auditorium and look forward to performing on the stage when I start school there.

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