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Supporting A Level Students: A Guide for Parents and Guardians

Anybody who has experienced A levels, whether sitting them or having their children sit them, will tell you they can be a trying time for the whole family. But, for young students, it will be the most important examination of their lives, and the result will determine their chances of being accepted into the universities of their choice.
Though these times will undoubtedly have challenging moments, it is good to know of ways to support your children. Knowing the right way to deal with certain situations that arise can create a much more calming and positive experience throughout their two years at sixth form. If you would like some advice on how to support A-level students, then we recommend you keep on reading.

When you stress, they stress

It is essential to be aware that they are probably feeling pressure like never before. Some students might not be themselves and find themselves becoming frustrated much more than usual. Other students might want to shut themselves away as they feel the weight of their studies.
If your child is despondent, seems stressed, or even ungrateful for your support, don’t let this get to you. At this time in life, teenagers are going through a lot. Although they might seem to be trying to provoke a reaction, remaining calm will dramatically enhance the outcome of their results.
It can be difficult not to react to any mood swings that come your way, but it will be counterproductive to do so. So instead, what they need is support, rationale, and kind words of wisdom throughout.

Help them form a healthy routine

Now, this is where you can shine. Any teacher will tell you the significant benefits of students eating well and getting the right amount of sleep. This is one way a parent or guardian can dramatically help their children while studying their A levels

Eating a healthy diet – Even adults can struggle with this one when undergoing unusually stressful times. An unhealthy diet can make people feel lethargic and lack motivation. Creating a healthy, balanced meal plan will give them the boost they need. Furthermore, you will be helping set positive culinary standards for when they start university.

Getting enough sleep – This might be something you need to be a little strict with, but a good night’s sleep will improve work and lower stress levels. Again, this is highly important to help increase studying performance.
Remember that on top of these all-important factors, make sure they are socialising, exercising, and having fun between study times. It can help to introduce a no-study time where they aren’t allowed to even think about schoolwork. Finding a healthy routine is all about balance.

Show support

Even if they seem like they don’t want your input, don’t let that put you off. The truth is that they probably need it more than ever. It is all about finding a balance between being fully invested in their studies and being there for them when they need it most.
There is definitely such a thing as encroaching on their space and being over the top when it comes to supporting students with their A levels but figuring that part out will be down to you. Always make it clear that you are there to help them and that you are interested in the work they are doing, but you aren’t going to overcrowd them.

Sit down and map it out with them

Teenagers are still learning a lot of things, and that includes managing tasks and time. When they start sixth form, it is best to talk to them about making a plan that you are going to stick with. This should include deadlines for coursework, exam dates, study times, mealtimes, bedtimes, and break times, and allow them much-deserved days off when they can let loose and have some fun. Another top tip is to separate their bedroom from revision or studies. This will lead to much more proactive work and much more enjoyable downtime.
Being reasonable and realistic is the key to making a plan that is more likely to work. The more aware your child is that you understand what they are going through and are there to support them, the better the outcome of these intense two years of study.

Additional support

If you need any additional support on the best way to help your children through their studies, or you want a more in-depth perspective of what they will be doing throughout their A levels, contact one of our experienced staff at Bangkok Prep. Our faculty team has the knowledge and expertise to help you deal with any situation related to your child’s studies.

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