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T77 Thinks Pink for charity

The Secondary Campus was awash with Pink on Friday, 3rd of November. We were raising money for the Queen Sirikit Center for the Breast Cancer Foundation, which helps women in Thailand battle breast cancer. When talking to Dr. Kris Chatamra, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit said, “I want this place to be a sanctuary for women in Thailand”.

For the week before Think Pink, we had some additional activities running. We raised money through students guessing the amount of sweets in a jar and trying to guess the name of the big pink teddy bear.

On the actual day, everyone dressed up in Pink and tutus, made by the Sixth Form, were sold to add to their outfits. In addition we had a bake sale and sold some jewellry.

At lunch time we also danced and took part in a tug of war. We wanted to show students that keeping healthy and fit can help in the fight against Cancer.
In total we raised 37,035 baht. I think that’s quite remarkable.

In PSHE we have been making an educational video informing others about breast cancer (Think Pink) and men’s health (Movember).

I would like to thank everyone who helped organize this event including, the 6th Form students, the SAT team, Ms Wilsonlock, Ms Marsh, Ms Hullock and many more. Thank you to the parents and students for donating money.

Look out for Movember happening soon!

Ella Wilsonlock
Surus House Captain
SAT Leader

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