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The Role of International Schools in Expatriate Communities

When people move to a new country for work, it can certainly be a little daunting. With children, these anxieties can only be exacerbated, but thankfully, someone before has always put in the groundwork. International schools in expat communities are not simply educational institutions; they are a hub where both children and parents are given a place to belong and develop a much-needed social circle.
Throughout this article, we want to highlight just how vital international schools are for expat communities. These culturally diverse academic academies offer constant support for everyone as well as some of the best curriculums you can find. The immeasurable work of international schools can sometimes go unnoticed, so it is essential that people know the positives that international schools give to communities all over the world. Here are just some of the benefits:

Cultural Integration – International schools are a brilliant way to integrate a child into the local culture while preserving their own cultural roots. They are the perfect place to develop tolerance and understanding.

Support System – When families move to a new country, they need a support system. Thankfully, international schools offer a wide range of necessary support. They are able to provide counselling services to help families adjust to a new way of life; they also provide language support programmes to ensure no student is left behind. An international school will also act as a source of information and guidance to help families navigate the initial challenges of living in a foreign country.

Community Hub – You will often find that international schools become the focal point of an expat community. They will organise events and parent involvement activities where everyone can get to know each other. They will also host cultural celebrations and festivities so that everyone in the community can be involved with the local culture and traditions.

Preparation for global citizenship – International schools nurture global citizens by instilling values of tolerance towards all other cultures. Students will learn how to respect everyone around them and deal with situations using empathy and understanding. They become empowered thinkers, educated to act responsibly and contribute somewhat to their community. Through a diverse curriculum and exposure to different perspectives, expat children develop a comprehensive understanding of global issues and cultures that encourages awareness and critical thinking.

High-quality education – In many countries, the place to find the best quality education and most diverse curriculum will be an international school. They are devoted to providing the best quality and globally recognised education. Not only are their curriculums internationally recognised, but they also have leeway to add any additional program alongside it to create a more well-rounded and robust learning environment. Adhering to these standards promises academic continuity and transferable qualifications should you move to another country or school. On top of the academic excellence of international schools, they will also offer extracurricular activities. These are additional out-of-hour lessons that focus on a child’s hobbies, skills, and interests. This gives a child an opportunity to learn something new and focus on their athletic, academic, or creative dreams. Extracurricular activities only add to the community spirit by providing competitions, sporting events, school concerts, or theatre productions.

Cultural diversity – An international school will expose students to cultures and ethnicities from all over the world, giving them an understanding and appreciation of everyone around them. Having this exposure will ensure that every student has a unique experience of interacting in a diverse and accepting setting. This is true for parents too. Being part of an international school within an expat community will provide a social network from all over the world. Everyone involved is part of a community that celebrates and embraces each other’s culture and traditions.

Networking opportunities – International schools with a strong expat community create incredible networking opportunities for both parents and children. As well as providing a support network and fantastic friendships within a foreign country, most of the students and parents will be seasoned global workers. This provides a tremendous opportunity for people wanting to know more about a new possible country when it is time to move. Often, we see expat families in similar lines of work move around together. The networking doesn’t stop there, either. Students in international schools will develop a diverse social network and make friends who are likely to stick with them for life. So, when it is time to move into higher education or employment, they will have many options to choose from, giving them a massive advantage in their later lives.

Qualified and experienced faculty – Of course, this depends on what country you move to, but the majority of the time, international schools come with the highest qualified and experienced teachers. The staff at international schools will be able to provide an incredible education whilst being fully trained on how to deal with children who might be struggling academically or emotionally in their new environment. In some countries, you will not find teachers with internationally recognised qualifications unless you go to an international school.

Preparation for higher education – If your child wants to move on to higher education, then an international school is the perfect place to be. Not only do they offer qualifications that will usually be transferable to any university worldwide, but the support they receive will be next to none. There will be plenty of time focused on moving to university and taking on further studies. An international school will guide a student in the right direction and make sure they are fully prepared for a world beyond school.

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