University Guidance Update - Bangkok Prep

University Guidance Update

With Year 13 well on their way to applying to their universities of choice it is now time for Years 11 and 12 to start thinking about what, and where, they want to study. To help them along with this process we have already had two events in school so far to assist them with their decision making.

Firstly we had two visitors presenting to Year 12 on the UK application process and tips on writing their personal statements.  Students were entertained by their stories and know-how as they spoke to them from their own experiences about what it is like to apply to university and what to avoid in the process.

Then we had the first Bangkok Prep USA University Fair. All of Years 11 and 12 attended and were given a very interesting presentation by a representative from the University of Oklahoma about what it is like to study in the USA, the huge variety of Universities there (4700 in total) and the things they should consider when choosing a USA university. Then each of the other 7 universities, from places like New York, Alabama and Hawaii, spoke briefly about their own Universities and this was followed by the students having the opportunity to talk to them individually and ask questions about entrance requirements, facilities and specialisations and so on. Some parents also came to the event since this was one of our open events which parents could attend.

Speaking to students afterwards many were excited to be starting the process of researching their university choices and to actually start planning their future.  Both events were very successful and the USA universities were particularly impressed by our students’ enthusiasm and promised to come back next year with more universities so that the fair can grow from year to year.

Parents and guardians of Year 12 students especially are now encouraged to start the important chats you need to have with your child to make sure the right decisions are being made.

To help you with this please remember that on October 17th from 8 am to 9 am there will be an informal coffee chat with me in the library to discuss any questions you may have about the University process.  This is your chance to ask the questions that you want raised rather than listen to me giving a presentation on the general process so I hope to see some of you there.

Graeme McNaught

University Guidance Counselor

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