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World Languages

Here at Bangkok Prep we celebrate our diversity by offering a robust World Language Programme. We currently offer:

  • Thai as a First Language
  • Thai as a Second Language
  • Japanese as a First Language
  • Spanish as a Second Language
  • French as a Second Language
  • Mandarin as a Second Language

Don’t see your preferred language? Talk to us! When our community shows interest in a language that is not currently offered then we will work towards adding it as an ECA and expanding from there.

World Language throughout the Years:

Early Years: Students will explore Thai language.

Year 1: International Students will try out different languages in the Language Carousel Programme. Thai Students will study Thai and can explore additional languages as ECAs.

Year 2 – 6: Students will study one World Language.

Year 7 – 9: Students will expand to two World Languages.

Year 10 – 11: One World Language taken at IGCSE level is required with an option to select two.

Year 12 – 13: World Languages are offered, but are completely optional.

If EAL is required in Year 7 - 9, a World Language will be dropped and replaced by EAL until students reach Year 10.

For Thai nationals in all year groups, Thai Language is required by the Ministry of Education.

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