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World Scholar’s Cup Global Round 2018 in Barcelona

At the end of July, Phanarintr Ongvodtithum, Katii Wongphaet, Phuris Soontrapornchai, Song Vongsuly, Sing Vongsuly and Sang Vongsuly all participated in the World Scholar’s Cup competition in Barcelona, Spain. The competition involves 1600 scholars from 57 Countries, however we are the only representatives from Thailand.

The first day of the competition started off with various diplomatic representatives and ambassadors, coming to wish good luck to the representatives from their own country. Her Excellency, the Ambassador of Thailand to Spain also kindly sent a representative from the Royal Thai embassy in Madrid. Following this, we started the scholar’s scavenge which is team building event where 14 scholars from different countries work together to accomplish tasks set out in Poble Espanyol, a Spanish village.

There were four academic events; the first is the scholar’s challenge which is a difficult multiple choice test with questions that involved the knowledge of six areas that we had to study. Science of memory, art & music, literature, history of diplomacy, social studies (markets) and special area (human relationships). The second is collaborative writing, where scholars and their teammates help each other plan and research an essay based on the subject areas mentioned above for 15 minutes and then individually write it after. The third was team debate where each team debates thrice with another team, if they win, they move on to debate the other winners. The last is the scholar’s bowl, a team challenge where each team is given a clicker and 5-15 seconds to answer each question.

Overall, the competition was a massive success for our two teams that participated, with a combined total of 70 medals and a trophy to bring back to Bangkok.

In the picture above, the ambassador of Thailand kindly allowed the Bangkok Prep team to meet her and show their gratitude for her support.

Sang Vongsuly, Year 10 student.

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