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Year 1 investigation: The sense of sight

What do blindfolds, plastic eggs, fragrant jasmine, pungent garlic, sandpaper, sweet vanilla, citrus orange, bubble wrap, play dough and Lego have in common? They were all used in our recent Year 1 science investigation on Friday 22nd September.

To investigate our sense of smell, children tried to guess a myriad of items; including onions, chocolate, coffee, lemons and roses.

Whilst investigating their sense of sight, students matched objects to pictures and played observation puzzles. Children realised how important their sight was when they tried to draw a self-portrait blindfolded!

It was a ‘shaking’ experience listening to large plastic eggs and well decorated toilet tissue holders filled with dried pasta, beans, small sticks, dried cereal, and a variety of unknown items.

Covered feely boxes were prepared with several mysterious objects that our students put their hands in to experience and describe.

We learnt from Dr Kat, E’claire’s mum, that there are 4 flavours our tongue can detect: salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. To further investigate this, a bountiful spread of different foods was prepared for the taste testing: bitter chocolate, sweet candy floss, sour limes, passion fruit and salty crisps.

Thank you to our fabulous Year 1 parents who put together an afternoon of fun, investigative activities for our children. It was a splendid learning session. After all, who can resist peeking under a blindfold?

Angela Hilderbrand

Primary Teacher

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