Year 11 Business Studies Trip to Toyota - Bangkok Prep

Year 11 Business Studies Trip to Toyota

Stuck between 4 walls and behind their desks, students can often find it hard to grasp the concepts taught from just the pictures, videos and descriptions given to us in class. This can be an issue in subjects like Business Studies where there are so many terms and concepts to learn like ‘Herzberg’s theory’, ‘Laissez faire’, ‘industrial tribunals’, ‘F.W Taylor’s theory’ ‘lean production’, ‘Maslow’s hierarchy’, ‘price elasticity’, ‘liquidity’, ‘Kaizen’ and many more. These ideas can often become confusing and have little distinction from each other without a clear understanding of the concepts.

With this in mind, the Year 11 Business students were given a fantastic opportunity to observe the production methods of the popular Toyota car manufacturing company in person, at their facility in the Ban Pho district. Through our tour at the car factory we were able to experience the methods used to produce the cars that we use every day, which enlightened us on the strategies and importance of time management, waste reduction and quality management in the manufacture of cars. The tour also provided the Year 11 Business students with a coherent understanding of workforce motivation and management in order to maintain consistent and efficient production. These concepts studied at the factory link directly to our IGCSE Business syllabus, giving us a deeper comprehension of the complex ideas involved in the operations of a company, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Students returning from the trip will definitely feel the stress being relieved from having to revise these topics in such depth again and will certainly return to Business classes with an air of confidence, ready to respond to these perplexing questions.

Without such opportunity from our teachers, answering the Business Studies exam questions would have be more challenging, however, we can now simply look back on our enjoyable time with friends and teachers at the Toyota car factory and easily recall those once baffling concepts. Year 11 would like to sincerely thank Mr Groves, Ms. Wilsonlock, Ms. Giddings and Ms. Dixon for organising this trip.

Andre Ratarasarn

Year 11 Business Studies Student

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