Year 6 enjoy Secondary Transition Morning - Bangkok Prep

Year 6 enjoy Secondary Transition Morning

By Year 6 student Maria K

On Wednesday 17 May, Year 6 really enjoyed the Transition Morning they had in Secondary.

The lessons that we took were: Drama, English and Problem Solving. In Drama, we did a lot of fun activities. Some of them were done with partners, some with groups, and once we did it as a class!

In English, we were analysing a poem called ‘The Sea’. We had to make an image of it, so to make it easier the teacher let us use play-dough. With the play-dough, we made a model of what we thought the poem would look like.

Then, in Problem Solving, we went to different tables to answer riddles or pictures that are trying to tell us something. It was really fun but hard because we had a time limit, and we would have to talk to our friends a lot.

The Year 6 students are now really looking forward to going to Secondary and were happy to get a taste of Secondary life.

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