Atty, Arjun, JL and Bonus excel in FOBISIA Online Maths Challenge - Bangkok Prep

Atty, Arjun, JL and Bonus excel in FOBISIA Online Maths Challenge

Another outstanding achievement for the Year 6 Maths team! Out of 38 of the best British international schools from across all of South-East Asia, Bangkok Prep has finished in 6th place (2nd in Thailand). Competing in the FOBISIA Online Maths Challenge, Atty, Arjun (both 6SC), JL and Bonus (both 6AW) performed magnificently during the 3 rounds to finish ahead of some the most renowned schools on this continent. A truly fantastic achievement!

In addition to this, two of our students, Atty and Arjun, finished in the top 20 individually. Put into context, there were 148 students competing and each of these students had been selected in the top 4 of their respective schools; meaning that, in reality, they have finished in the top 20 out of thousands of students. Atty, incredibly, finished in 4th place and Arjun placed 13th.

The results are as follows:

  1. The British School of New Delhi

  2. The British School of Manila

  3. Dulwich College Beijing

  4. Dulwich College Seoul

  5. Bangkok Patana School

  6. Bangkok Prep International School

  7. Harrow Beijing

  8. British International School of Vietnam

  9. The International School of Parkcity, KL

  10. St Christophers, Penang.

Another display of the mathematical talent that we have at Bangkok Prep. Great job again, guys!

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