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Year 7 Poetry Slam!

Since half-term Year 7 have been learning all about Poetry in their English lessons. As well as submitting poems to our annual

Bangkok Prep Poetry Anthology, Year 7 have also tested their skills writing and performing ‘Slam Poetry’.

Slam Poetry is a style of poetry that is spoken and performed on stage, rather than simply read out. It has links back to the ancient Greek civilisation who used much poetry in their plays and to the troubadours of medieval Europe who travelled the country performing long narrative poems for entertainment.

Recently, Slam Poetry has gained in popularity again with many theatres and restaurants hosting competitions or ‘open mic’ poetry nights for budding poets. The skill of Slam Poetry is in using poetic devices, such as repetition, alliteration and similes to create a poem which comments on modern day issues and problems in an entertaining way.

On Monday 11th Dec, Year 7 students took to the stage in the auditorium to compete in a poetry slam competition. Competitors performed in small groups or alone and used movement and some drama, as well as great poetic skill, to showcase poems on topics as diverse as superheroes, bullying, betrayal, basketball and Christmas feelings.

The Year 13 English Literature A-Level class came along to watch and help judge the proceedings and they were impressed by the level of skill and confidence on show.

Well done to all our performers – it was wonderful to watch every student engage in poetry with such bravery and determination.

Runners up Bani and Jessi, Arth and William and Filippo all performed great poems – but special congratulations must go to Gurdev, Soham, Tanay and Brando for a powerful performance and a well-deserved win!

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