Year 8: The Debate - Bangkok Prep

Year 8: The Debate


On Wednesday 26th September, the English Department held their first speaking competition of the academic year – Year 8: The Debate.

Year 8 students collaborated together to compete against their peers in rival Year 8 English classes in order to be named star of the speakers.

Classes 8AC and 8AW opened the spectacle with the first hotly contested debate: mobile phones disrupt students’ learning. Both classes made valid and interesting points. 8AC were for the statement and commented on mobile phones’ impact on students’ ability to concentrate in the classroom, whilst 8AW debated against, countering with the improved technology that improves cognitive performance.

Next, 8SA and 8WH took to the stage. They were debating on whether plastic bags should be completely banned across Thailand within the next year. 8SA opened as they supported the notion, claiming it would benefit the environment; however, 8WH then took their turn to voice their concerns over the impact it would have on the street vendors and the overall economy of Thailand.

As the debate closed, the judges had to make some difficult decisions. After a lengthy discussion, the judges decided both 8AC and 8SA narrowly edged their opponents.

However, the judges did comment that each and every student showed tremendous courage to speak in front of a live crowd and the skills they demonstrated are vital for their development in becoming active participants both in the classroom and in future endeavours.

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