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Year 8 students show their Passion in Science

During term 2 Year 8 students in Science have been working on their Passion Based Projects for one lesson a week, where at the end they presented their research and findings to the rest of the class and then shared their research boards, which were displayed in Science on the third floor of building C.

There was a real variation on different topics that were chosen from our students and how they decided to develop their projects. There were experiments where students looked at ‘how to create large crystals’, ‘how to perfect the best elephant toothpaste and black snake experiments’, ‘what happens when you use different coloured filters?’ and ‘how far do water rockets propel in the sky’?

There were projects looking at all sorts of interesting areas such as the conspiracy theories of whether man really landed on the moon, how does music effect our emotions, are their aliens out there, how do optical illusions work, what are black holes, do parallel universes exist and a huge variety of interesting and inspiring work. It enabled them to investigate areas that they have a passion for and so become experts in that area and sharing their expertise with everyone else.

Well done to all of Year 8 with their hard work and thought provoking projects.

Mrs. Cook

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