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Introducing the Universities, Careers and Student Pathways Team

At Bangkok Prep, we prepare students for life beyond school. Their next steps will usually be to join a top university, anywhere in the world but, usually North America, Europe, the UK, Hong Kong, Australia and the top international programmes in the highest achieving Thai universities. We have two dedicated members of the team who guide students and their families through every step in the process of decision making and applying to their dream courses. We also recognise that to have the most pathways open to them, students need more than just amazing grades, and so Community Service and our EPQ programme adds to their experience and skill set for 21st century education and life. Every student is a star, with their own strengths and ambitions. By leading our careers programme for students in Y7 to Y11 and enabling them to consider their future, our Head of Careers and Student Pathways has a key role in helping all our teachers guide ‘our stars’ to achieve their potential.

Meet the Team

Alison Cantrill - Head of Careers and Student Pathways

• Leads the provision for Highly Able & Exceptionally Able students at Bangkok Prep.
• Works with families and the school community to create clear ‘Student Pathways’ and enrichment opportunities.
• Works alongside the academic and pastoral staff to help to ensure students make informed and appropriate choices for their curriculum, specifically related to future career paths.
• Develops the Work Experience programme.

Lucy Lee Allen - University Guidance Counsellor

• Responsible for all aspects of higher education applications by students in the Sixth Form (KS5).
• Offers student support for personal statements, personal essays, applications, references and recommendation letters.
• Helps students with option choices, university links and data tracking.
• Arranges university visits and fairs, Early Application Support Programme (EASP) and Careers Education.

June Klinsrisuk - University Enrichment Administrative Officer (UEAO)

• Works closely with staff, students and their families to support student applications to international programmes at universities in Thailand.
• Supports the provision for Highly Able students at Bangkok Prep and enable student pathways in school.

Sharon Malhotra - Alumni Relations Officer

• Establishing and strengthening the alumni network.
• Creating content and managing all the alumni social media accounts.
• Organising inspirational talks to current students.
• Planning reunion events and other alumni events.



PREParing for life

Bangkok Prep is proud of the Class of 2019 students for being offered a place in the following prestigious universities around the world (Click to enlarge image):


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