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Sustainability at Bangkok Prep is categorised in to 4 pillars – Education, Environment, Wellbeing for All and Leadership for the Future.

We are authentically invested in sustainability and empowering our future leaders.  As well as having the UN Global Goals embedded throughout our curriculum – we are also showing the way with sustainable practices through future technology, innovations and extending wider community engagement; among many other initiatives – underlying our commitment to environmental education and sustainability.

What Sustainability means at Bangkok Prep?

For Bangkok Prep, sustainability is our commitment to proactively organise and make decisions to create long-lasting positive impact on all people and our planet that is continued by future generations. As a member of the Bangkok Prep community, we all have a collective responsibility to be an active advocate of sustainability. 

As a member of Bangkok Prep, we will engage in:

  • Activities and practices which enable environmental, social, and economic longevity
  • Genuine and authentic commitment that creates positive impact for our community and beyond

Sustainability activities that are based on current situation and resources

Why Sustainability is important to Bangkok Prep?

At Bangkok Prep, sustainability is an essential part of our beliefs, visions and existence. It is a guiding principle in how we operate as a school. We believe that…

  • As an academic institution – we are determined to provide quality education for our students which includes enabling them, as future leaders and decision makers, to actively and creatively interact with changes around them.
  • As a member of society – we have a role to play in creating a sustainable future and it is important for us to take action as responsible members of society. We are committed to creating a strong community, internally and externally.


As an academic institution, Bangkok Prep is committed to give our students quality education and help learners reach their full potential both academically and in preparation for life beyond Bangkok Prep. For these reasons, sustainability is profoundly integrated into the curriculum. As a member of society, we are committed to help improve the overall quality of education for surrounding communities and society. We will engage with external stakeholders for long-term education development for target beneficiaries.

Eco School

Bangkok Prep is the second school in the world to be accredited with the highest Eco Schools Award – the Green Flag! We are very proud of this achievement but we are realistic in the challenge ahead. In March 2019 our school hosted the first FOBISIA Environmental Conference in Thailand. This conference focused on reconnecting with nature in our cities. Children explored ways in which we can live more sustainably. Bangkok Prep is also extremely proud to be a fully affiliated member of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

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Foundation for Environmental Education

Our school is also working very closely with The Foundation for Environmental Education to provide training, resources and information for schools, teachers, students and parents. This will help to improve community engagement and meet the shared goals of higher levels of Global Citizenship.

Bangkok Prep Forest Campus

Our Forest Campus has a pavilion for indoor teaching and learning activities, an outdoor learning area and a nature trail amidst a lush and green preserved jungle oasis in Bangkrajao, otherwise known as the Bangkok Green Lung area. We were very excited to raise our Eco School Green Flag at the Forest Campus on Monday 10th June 2022 – it is our school’s pride and joy and will facilitate many school activities, trips, and much more. Related articles:

Forest Campus: Raising The Green Flag Ceremony

Bangkok Prep is the First International School in Thailand to Host a Forest Schools Level 3 Training Programme

Year 3 Visit Forest Campus


When climate change remains one of the biggest challenges for humanity, we believe in our collective responsibility to be the steward of nature and the environment. The school is committed to paving the way for an environmentally-friendly future with sustainable practices through environmental education, future technology, innovations and wider community engagement.

Solar panels on campus

As an Eco School, Bangkok Prep has continued to develop our sustainable practices and we are incredibly proud to have installed a large quantity of solar panels at our Secondary Campus. These panels produce an excess of energy during certain periods of the year. This enables our school to provide renewable energy to other businesses within the T77 complex.


As a committed Green Flag Eco school, Bangkok Prep will be the first International School in Thailand to have a SHARGE Electric Vehicle charging station for use with all electric vehicles with any type of connection. In addition to that, there will be two #BMW #i3s Battery Electric Vehicle available to use at the Secondary campus.


We are delighted to announce that in line with Bangkok Prep values and being the first International School in Thailand to be awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag award, we have now rolled out our new recycling bins around school. These are clearly marked and allow the separation of plastics, cans and other waste products. This is also a fantastic way to teach our children about the importance of taking care of our planet. Thank you to the IVL Foundation for your support with this.


Thank you Bangkok Prep community for your E-Waste!!

You have helped minimise the toxic chemicals from this deteriorating E-Waste that is contaminating the environment, meaning that every living thing, including you, is at greater risk of encountering these toxic chemicals unless they are disposed of responsibly.

We are proud to be the only international school in Thailand that is on top of the donations chart with other top organisations – working in partnership with AIS (Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator) on the Electronic Waste campaign.

A gentle reminder that the following 5 kinds of E-Waste are accepted and you are able to deposit E-Waste in the paper box bin by the security guard counter at both campuses.

♻️ Mobile phones

♻️ Tablets

♻️ Phone batteries

♻️ Power banks

♻️ Chargers

♻️ Headphones and cables

#BangkokPREP #Sustainability #AISEwaste .

Wellbeing for All

We are committed to creating a safe and secure space for all members of our internal and external community through the lens of holistic well-being. With our safeguarding policy as a foundation, this commitment extends beyond the physical aspect to mental, emotional, and welfare of the students. For staff, Bangkok Prep is committed to creating a happy and secure working environment which enables social and occupational well-being. For external stakeholders engagement, we will also focus on supporting the well-being and the livelihood for target beneficiaries.

Leadership for the Future

In a rapidly changing world, we need a new set of skills and one of the most important skills required for the future is leadership. At Bangkok Prep, we encourage everyone to lead. We support every member of our community to address a problem, create opportunities, activate others and work towards a solution for the good of all.



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