Head of School Message: Introducing New Staff - 25th June 2024 - Bangkok Prep

Head of School Message: Introducing New Staff – 25th June 2024

Message from Head of School 

25th  June 2024

Dear Parents and Students 

We are accelerating towards the end of what has been an incredibly positive academic year. The support from parents, students and staff has been outstanding. I would like to sincerely thank everybody in the Bangkok Prep Community. I am sure many of you will be travelling during the summer break and I hope you manage to spend quality time with family and friends. 

The staff are currently very busy preparing for the next academic year and we have some very exciting learning opportunities planned for the students at Bangkok Prep.  

In August 2024, we will have new expatriate teachers joining our school. This is a clear signal of high quality international education and they will have a direct and profound impact on students’ learning. I am delighted to announce our new teachers for the next academic year. I have included some information and a short message (below and in no particular order).

With mixed emotions, this is also the time of year where we need to say ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Thank you’ to some of our teachers that are moving onto the next exciting chapter in their professional careers. Without doubt, the school has grown in success and reputation during the years that these teachers have been at Bangkok Prep. I am sure you will join me in thanking them for their hard work and dedication to the students they have worked with during their tenure. Please find time to thank, in person, Lauren McLennan, Saranya Ahuja, Adele George, Amy Burke, Anna Warburton, Jon-Paul Dally, Justyna Waszczylko, Karina Bual, Safia Sagaiar, Samuel Reeves, Semhar Ahdego, Ilyas Hasshim, Jean-Marc Chiche, Kanachana Pawa and Angel Pawa. We also need to say thank you and farewell to my marvelous PA, Khun Knutt who is moving to China with her husband. 

I am sure you will join me in applauding them all for their hard work and dedication to their roles at our school. We wish them the very best of luck in their future ventures. 

Have a wonderful summer break and I look forward to seeing you all safe and sound at the beginning of Term 1 2024 – 2025: Thursday 15th August 2024 is the first day of the academic year. 


Warmest regards 


Duncan Stonehouse

Head of School 







Alice Wheatley will be joining our Key Stage 1 Team next year. She graduated from Winchester University with a BA in Journalism and then went on to do a bit of a U-turn and get her QTS and PGCE with Kent and Medway Training and Brighton University after a couple of years working in London as a video  journalist.

Before coming to Bangkok Prep, Alice has worked in Kathmandu, Nepal for 4 years, and before that in Kent where she did her teacher training. 

Alice has this to say…


I am incredibly excited about joining the Bangkok Prep team and moving to Thailand! Me and my fiance, Matt – are due to get  married less than a week before we arrive so it’s going to be an incredibly busy but exciting summer! 

I have spent the past 4 years in Nepal’s exciting capital, Kathmandu, teaching in both KS1 and 2 as well as working as the primary Maths and ICT coordinator (not simultaneously!) I am originally from Cornwall but have fallen in love with travelling and immersing myself in new cultures around the world! Whilst living in Kathmandu we have done 6+ treks including Everest base camp, Annapurna base camp and Langtang, but I am incredibly excited that I will be able to be much nearer to the sea again. My background in video journalism instilled a love of filmmaking and photography and I also enjoy trying anything creative and am excited to try all of the new experiences the city has to offer. 

I also love being creative in my teaching, making memorable and exciting student-led experiences for my classes! My aim is to instill the values of creativity, honesty and kindness in my students while helping them build a growth mindset and not being afraid to fail! 

I am especially excited about Bangkok Prep’s forest campus and their Eco credentials and can’t wait to further hone my teaching skills at a new school with new and exciting challenges. 








Bradley Welsh will be joining our Primary Learning Support Team  next year…

He graduated from John Moores University in Liverpool (UK) with a BA in Education with Special and Inclusive needs.

Before coming to Bangkok Prep, Brad has worked as an Early Years Consultant and has spearheaded a new Kindergarten campus project also acting as the organisation’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCO).


Bradley has this to say…

Hi All. I am incredibly delighted to be joining you all at Bangkok Prep in a professional capacity. I have been lucky enough to have been a part of Bangkok Prep before as a parent, as a training facilitator, but most importantly, I am now going to be a proud member of the amazing staffing team. Some of you may have seen me around previously, most likely moving furniture around in the Early Years!

Each time I return to Asia, especially Thailand, it always feels like coming home, and this time is no different. I was born and grew up in the most amazing city of Liverpool, before starting my international teaching career as soon as I graduated, firstly moving to South Korea before making one of the most important decisions in my life to move to Thailand, where I spent the best part of 12 years in a variety of roles, most recently as a Head of School.

I have a passion for Early Years Education. I firmly believe in creating inclusive environments for all our children providing them with the best possible start in life. Once I seen that Prep was seeking to expand their learning support team, I could not think of a better role for myself – something that I am thoroughly looking forward to.

It is such a warm feeling to know that I will be working alongside my partner and at the same school as my daughter, bringing a sense of closeness and community to our daily lives.








Adelina Colucci will be joining our Primary World Languages Team next year as our Primary French teacher. She graduated from the Sorbonne university in Paris with a Master’s in Language and  Literature and has a degree in Fine Arts from the College of Arts and Design of Valencia, Spain. 


Adelina has this to say…

Hello everyone, I am absolutely thrilled to join this incredible, supportive team of Bangkok Prep. My name is Adelina, and I come from a Spanish and Italian family. Technically, I am French, but for much of my childhood I felt a gap between the culture I was immersed in at school and the culture that my family kept alive within our home, the one that I returned to each night. That being said, I am really a Parisian through and through! 

My whole life has been shaped by roots and routes, as well as the feeling of belonging. And since I started working, I am on a mission to help everyone embrace the amazing things that make them who they are, so they can be proud of their uniqueness and make their voice heard. 

As a multifaceted individual, I have been teaching since 2005 in Europe, Oceania, Africa and now Asia, but I have also worked as a professional photographer. I ran my own company for seven years and had the privilege to work with truly inspiring people and organisations. My work was exhibited at ICP New York as well as the most exciting galleries in the Mena area. 

I am now ready to do my absolute best to deliver an inclusive, inspiring and fun education to all the amazing children in my care. I believe in kindness and I am here to support every single child on their journey of growth and self-confidence. 

“Face it ‘til you make it” is our motto in the classroom, and I am excited to see what we can achieve together. 







Katie Tatum will be joining our Key Stage 1 Team next year. She graduated from Anglia Ruskin University with a BA (Hons) in Film Studies and has a PGCE with QTS in Primary Education from Brunel University.

Before coming to Bangkok Prep, Katie has worked in the UK in Windsor and at Regent’s International School in Bangkok.


Katie has this to say…


Hello everyone at Bangkok Prep!

I’m incredibly excited to be joining the team at such a welcoming, innovative school. Having lived in Bangkok for 9 years, I’ve always admired Bangkok Prep’s reputation for fostering well-rounded students, which aligns perfectly with my own educational philosophy.

I began my career in Windsor, UK, and have enjoyed teaching across various age groups for the past 15 years. 

In my free time, I’m kept busy with my two young children – my son will be joining Year 3 and my daughter will be starting nursery next year! As a former florist in London and a passionate baker, I love to bring creativity into the classroom.

I believe education is a journey that equips students with not only knowledge, but also the essential life skills to navigate the world. My classroom is a vibrant space where exploration and creativity flourish. By integrating real-life scenarios – from baking in maths to building models in science – I create an engaging scaffold for learning. These fun, hands-on activities help children develop resilience, problem-solving abilities, and compassion, fostering a love of learning that extends far beyond the classroom. 

I very much enjoy developing relationships and getting to know wonderful children, parents and staff and I can already feel what an exciting place Bangkok Prep is to be!


See you all in August!








Natasha Duffin-Jones will be returning to Bangkok Prep! She will be working with our Key Stage 1 and EYFS teams next year. She graduated from Roehampton University, London  and has a BA Hons in Primary Education with QTS. Natasha also has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education from Roehampton University, London. 

Before coming back to Bangkok Prep, Natasha worked at Bangkok Prep for six years and her last leadership role was Key Stage 1 Leader. Prior to teaching at Bangkok Prep, she taught EYFS classes in Bangkok and London. 


Natasha has this to say…


I am thrilled to be returning to Bangkok Prep after a wonderful year spent looking after my two adorable children. My eldest, Amelie, will be also joining Bangkok Prep so I am excited to be returning as a parent and a teacher. The Bangkok Prep community is so supportive and kind,. I cannot wait to return ‘officially’. 

I am particularly passionate about children’s well-being, as well as their social and emotional development. During the past year, I have been leading baby, toddler and family yoga classes through Story Time Yoga I have also loved teaching KS1 and KS2 Yoga and Mindfulness ECAs at Bangkok Prep. Additionally, I have also been volunteering, leading baby and toddler playgroups for BAMBI. 

I have missed seeing all the children in Bangkok Prep and I love getting the chance to catch up with children, parents, teachers, TAs and all the Bangkok Prep staff whenever I visit the beautiful new campus. I loved working in Year 1 and 2, and I am now very excited to be supporting the incredible Early Years department as well. 







Alexander Manners will be joining Bangkok Prep as part of our Futures team! He graduated from the University of Derby with an MA in Career Guidance and Development and a Qualification in Career Development from the Career Development Institute. He is a Registered Careers Practitioner with previous experience at Oakham School, UK.

Alex has this to say…


Hello Bangkok Prep! My name is Alex, and I am thrilled to join you as a University Guidance Counsellor. Of Greek-Welsh heritage, I grew up in Athens, Greece, as a bilingual international school student dreaming of life abroad.

The colourful worlds of advertising and media, where my career began, laid the foundation for my creative outlook to problem-solving and storytelling. However, it was in the realm of education that I found my true calling. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working in various roles, from teaching and lecturing to counselling, across several vibrant cities, including Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Abu Dhabi. These experiences have cultivated and informed my university guidance counselling practice. I draw from my diversified background to assist students in crafting compelling narratives for their university applications and developing valuable resources that support their educational journey.

My philosophy of counselling is rooted in a holistic, student-led, and student-centred approach. I believe in empowering students to take ownership of their futures and ensuring that the guidance they receive is tailored to their individual needs and aspirations. Having worked in higher education, I bring insightful perspectives to my conversations with students, helping them gain a deeper understanding of what lies ahead.  

As I step into this role at Bangkok Prep, I am eager to bring my perspective and work with the wonderful team and the students we serve. Outside of work, I am an avid traveller, a foodie, a TV show enthusiast, and an opera concert-goer. I look forward to immersing myself in the vibrant city of Bangkok as well as exploring the hidden gems of Thailand.

I am excited about this new chapter and can’t wait to meet all of you in August!








Alexandra Fryer will be joining Bangkok Prep as part of our Physical Education and Sports Team! 

Alex graduated from Kingston University and has a BA (Hons) Degree in Dance and a PGCE with QTS in Dance. Before coming to Bangkok Prep, Alex has worked as PE and Dance teacher in Hampshire, England..

Alex has this to say…


Hello everyone! I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the Bangkok Prep community as your new Physical Education teacher, with a twist—I bring a background of dance to our PE curriculum!

Originally hailing from England, I’ve had the privilege of dancing professionally for 10 years, studying various dance forms. I am excited to incorporate elements of dance into years 7, 8 and 9, adding a creative and dynamic dimension to our lessons. 

My aim is not only to foster a love for physical activity but also to instill values of discipline, resilience, and sportsmanship in each and every student. I believe that physical education is about much more than just exercise; it’s about nurturing holistic well-being and equipping students with the skills they need to thrive both on and off the field. Through a diverse range of activities, games, and challenges, I am committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment where every student feels empowered to discover their strengths and embrace new opportunities for growth.

I am incredibly excited to get to know each of you, to collaborate with my new team, and to work together in shaping a vibrant and engaging PE program that reflects the values of Bangkok Prep School. 

As a newcomer to the city, I look forward to discovering the city and its hidden gems.  I am huge gym enthusiast and a massive foodie. I enjoy running and have already started researching upcoming running events in Bangkok! 

I cannot wait to see you all in August! 








Andrew O’Hagan will be officially joining our Mathematics & Computing Team for the whole academic year! 

Andrew graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University and has a BA (Hons) Business and gained his PGCE from the University of Cumbria.

Before coming back to Bangkok Prep, Andrew has worked at St. Andrews International School, Green Valley, Rayong.


Andrew has this to say…


Hello everyone at Bangkok Prep! There is a chance you may have seen me around already, having helped out with cover since March 2023 and teaching Secondary Maths since December 2023. I am however thrilled to be starting a role at Bangkok Prep on a more permanent basis, teaching Maths from August 2024.

My career in teaching started by accident! Having worked for the local government in the UK and then  training to be a financial adviser, I took a ‘year out’ in my late 20’s to teach English which ignited my passion for education. I embarked upon a career change and signed up to a PGCE, and have since worked in South Korea and Thailand.

Mathematics can be a subject that causes anxiety for many. It is because of this, I aim to encourage students to embrace challenges, learn from their mistakes, and persist in the face of difficulty. By creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment where students feel safe to take risks and learn from failure, we can cultivate resilience, perseverance, and a belief in one’s ability to succeed with effort and determination.

Beyond the classroom, you’ll often find me exploring on my motorbike. Between leaving my previous role and joining Bangkok Prep, I’ve had the privilege of touring Cambodia and Laos, as well as previously discovering much of Thailand by road. I’m always eager to hear recommendations on new places to visit and explore.

I can’t wait to connect with more members of the Bangkok Prep community. Please feel free to say ‘Hi’ if you spot me around school.








Antony Wilson will be joining our English, EAL and Media Studies Team! 

Antony graduated from the University of Manchester and has a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature, and gained his PGCE in Secondary English at Manchester Metropolitan University. Before coming back to Bangkok Prep, Antony has worked in England for ten years and at St. Stephen’s International School, Bangkok for five years..

Antony has this to say…


I am very excited to be joining the Bangkok Prep school community after five happy and settled years in Bangkok with my family. Joining me will be my daughter who is equally excited to join the primary school in Year 3.

My education and and a large part of my teaching career were spent in the north west of England. I grew up in the seaside town of Blackpool before moving a short distance to the city of Manchester in order to continue pursuing my love of literature at university.

I have taught at a range of schools in this region over ten years, where I was able to build up experience, knowledge and a keen interest in a range of teaching practices.  It was a privilege to teach students from a range of backgrounds and share my love of literature and writing creatively for a range of purposes.

My wife and I moved with our two year old daughter to Bangkok in 2019 seeking new teaching challenges, and we are still delighted to call this city our home. It has been wonderful to settle in Thailand and learn as much as we can about the culture here. We love spending our weekends exploring what the city has to offer and will never tire of sampling the vast array of food options that are available. We see ourselves being here for many more happy and fulfilling years.

I am eager to starting this next chapter with you all at Bangkok Prep and look forward to August for it all to begin.








Beth Henderson will be joining our English, EAL and Media Studies Team! 

Beth graduated from the University of Leicester and has a BA in English as well as an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, and a PGCEi from the University of Nottingham.

Before coming back to Bangkok Prep, Beth has worked in various schools in Bangkok and the surrounding area, most recently Bangkok Christian College.

Beth  has this to say…


Hello to everyone at Bangkok Prep! My name is Beth, and I am delighted to be joining the team as EAL teacher. I grew up in Cornwall, in the United Kingdom but have spent the last twelve years living and working in Bangkok. As such, I have long been aware of, and admired,  the reputation and educational philosophy of this school.

I began teaching English in Bangkok in 2011. My first term here began in October, just in time for the country to be hit by enormous floods. It was quite an experience! Despite this dramatic start, I immediately fell in love with the country. I also discovered a real passion for teaching. During the past twelve and a half years, I have taught English to students from a huge variety of educational backgrounds, as well as being involved with curriculum development and teacher training. I have enjoyed the unique challenges that each experience has brought, and I am hugely excited for even more challenges at Bangkok Prep.

I believe that the only way to ensure students are able to develop as language learners, is to create learning environments in which they feel comfortable, confident and supported. It is my aim to provide a teaching environment where every one of my students feels empowered and included.

I live in Bangkok with my partner and our two rescue dogs, Millie and Falcon. I am quite an active person. I am part of social netball and field hockey teams in Bangkok. I also love nothing more than being surrounded by nature. My ideal weekend would be spent either in the mountains in the north and west of Thailand, or diving in the south of the country.

I am excited to meet everyone in August and to be part of the Bangkok Prep team.








Chris Knight will be joining our Humanities Team! 

Chris graduated from the University of Teesside with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and Criminology, and gained his PGCE from Keele University.

Before coming back to Bangkok Prep, Chris has worked in Regent’s International School, Bangkok.


Chris  has this to say…

Hello to everyone at Bangkok Prep! My name is Chris and I am thrilled to be joining your fantastic community in August as the Head of Psychology.

I grew up in Hartlepool in the North East of England, although I have family roots in South Wales as well.

I began my teaching career Prince William School, which is a small upper school in Oundle, Northamptonshire. From there, I had my first head of department role at Beaumont School in St Albans, Hertfordshire. After 3 years I moved to Peterborough to teach Psychology at Bourne Grammar School in Lincolnshire. 

Four and a half years ago, I made the life changing decision to teach internationally, and I have been at Regent’s International School, Bangkok ever since.

I am a firm believer in teaching not just to the specification, but also offering a wider understanding of the subject matter to the students that they can apply to the world around them. Going beyond the curriculum has become a pattern in my career so far, as I love to get involved in extracurricular activities, especially related to the performing arts.

I am really excited to start working at Bangkok Prep. I will see you all in August!








Hayley Jean will be joining our NEW EdTech Team! 

Hayley graduated from Keele University and the University of East London with a PGCE in Computer Science, a BA(Hons) degree, and a MA in Special & Additional Learning Needs. She is currently undertaking a MA in Educational Technology. Before coming  to Bangkok Prep, Hayley has worked in Singapore, Thailand, Qatar, and the U.K.


Hayley has this to say…


I am thrilled to introduce myself as your new EdTech Coach. My name is Hayley, originally from London, U.K., where I began my career. After spending nearly eight years teaching abroad, I am excited to bring my diverse educational experiences and a deep passion for technology to the Bangkok Prep community.

In my years as a Computer Science teacher and later as an EdTech Coordinator, I’ve always believed in the thoughtful use of technology to enhance learning. It’s not just about keeping up with digital trends; it’s about making education more engaging and accessible for every student, helping them to thrive in our increasingly digital world.

This commitment grew from my experiences working with children with learning differences, leading me to earn a Masters in Special and Additional Needs in 2020. These experiences have reinforced my belief that with the right technological tools, we can create an inclusive learning environment where all students have the opportunity to succeed.

I am currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Technology, which I will complete in 2025. I look forward to supporting and collaborating with all of you – teachers, students, and parents alike – in leveraging technology in meaningful and impactful ways. 

I am also absolutely delighted to be returning to Thailand. Accompanying me is my 10-year-old dog, Bowie. Together, we’re eager to explore the vibrant streets of Bangkok and discover our new favourite spots.








Deepa Parekh will be joining our Futures Team! 

Deepa graduated from the University of Calcutta and has an honours degree in Commerce. She has also pursued the professional course of Chartered Accountants of ICAI. She is a Times Higher Education certified Counselor. 


Deepa  has this to say…


Sawadee kha to everyone at Bangkok Prep! My name is Deepa and I am thrilled to join the Futures Team of Bangkok Prep as the University Guidance Counselor. Having been a part of the vibrant educational landscape of Bangkok for the past two decades, I am deeply familiar with the dynamic and diverse culture of this city.

My background as a teacher of IGCSE and A-Level  Business, Economics, and Accounting, coupled with roles as a Cambridge examiner,  has equipped me with valuable insights into guiding students through the crucial phase of transitioning to higher education.

As a Times Higher Education accredited Counselor, I have adeptly navigated students through the intricate pathways of university applications across various platforms.  My role as the sole counselor at my previous school has allowed me to explore a wide array of resources and portals with my students, making me adept at navigating the complexities of this process. 

In addition to my professional experience, I bring a unique perspective to university guidance counseling. Having recently navigated the application process as a parent, I intimately understand the thoughts and anxieties that students and parents face. This firsthand experience has deepened my empathy and passion for guiding students through this transformative journey. I am driven by the belief that in today’s world, the opportunities for university study are more diverse and expansive than ever before. As a counselor, I strive to empower students to explore and pursue their passions.


I am eager to bring my passion for education and my wealth of experience to Bangkok Prep, where I look forward to assisting students in navigating their path towards higher education, this June.







Jamie Keightley will be joining our Mathematics & Computing team! 

Jamie graduated from Liverpool Hope University and Leeds Met and has a Secondary Mathematics PGCE and BA (Hons) Economics for Business degree.

Before coming to Bangkok Prep, Jamie has worked as a secondary Maths Teacher in Manchester, England. As a career changer, Jamie has also had an international banking career, working across the Philippines, Switzerland and Spain. 


Jamie  has this to say…


I am absolutely delighted to be joining your wonderful community at Bangkok Prep as one of your new Maths teachers.  I am originally from Leeds in Yorkshire, home of the Yorkshire Pudding!

Prior to teaching, I spent over 10 years working in banking, with half of that time working internationally. The highlights of my career were roles where I supported young people to help them achieve their aspirations, either into employment or further education. So a career in teaching was the natural next step for me.

I’m passionate about developing young people to be well rounded individuals who have the skills and knowledge to be successful later in life. My aim is to develop students’ curiosity and resilience so students are confident at solving maths problems and enjoy doing so. We all use maths every day, sometimes without realising, such as when crossing a road, cooking your favourite meal, shopping and going on holiday to name a few, so i’ll create engaging lessons to help bring maths to life.

Outside of the classroom you’ll find me at one of the many food markets or on a badminton court, trying to keep in shape from eating too much!  I’m an avid theatre goer and love to listen to live music. I can’t wait to explore Bangkok and discover many of its hidden talents.

I am truly excited about meeting you all in August and I can already tell I’ll be joining such a welcoming and dedicated team at Bangkok Prep!






Laura Usher will be joining our English, EAL & Media Studies team! 

Laura graduated from Northumbria University with a BA (Hons) in English and Film Studies and holds a PGCE (QTS) in English and Drama from Newcastle University.  Before coming to Bangkok Prep, Laura has worked as a Head of English and Drama in Doha, Qatar.


Laura  has this to say…

Hello everyone! My name is Laura and I’m thrilled to be joining the Bangkok Prep community in the role of English Teacher!

I was born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne. My teaching journey began there during my university days, where I spent one afternoon per week volunteering at a local school. After obtaining my PGCE, I taught in a secondary school in Newcastle for three years before moving to Qatar in 2014. Here, I gained experience as both a Head of Year and a Head of English.

I strive to create dynamic, engaging learning environments for my students through incorporating elements of film and media into exploration of classic works, ensuring that every lesson resonates with modern learners. I aim to help students see the bigger picture and to understand how they can link our in-class learning to the outside world, considering their own cultures and experiences.

After a decade in Doha, I’m eager to embark on a new adventure in Thailand! I look forward to rediscovering the beauty of nature in Bangkok’s parks and surrounding provinces, as well as embracing the vibrant culture of the country. Outside work, you’ll likely find me cheering for Newcastle United or unwinding on my yoga mat or in the gym. I am passionate about cooking and baking, so I am very excited to delve into the Bangkok food scene!

I cannot wait to arrive in Bangkok, and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!







Martin Zarate will be joining our Futures team! Martin has BA in History from the University of Tampa  and MA in Counselling from the Loyola Marymount University. Before coming back to Bangkok Prep, Martin has worked at  Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi and United States. 


Martin  has this to say…

Hi everyone, I am excited to join the Futures Team and meet the entire Bangkok Prep Community. I am from Los Angeles, California where I got to experience great weather and occasionally got to see celebrities.

Having had the privilege to work with students and families in both the United States and China, I bring a wealth of cross-cultural experience to my role. My training in social-emotional counselling, alongside university and careers counselling, equips me to offer holistic guidance and support to our students and families. I am excited to begin collaborating with the entire Bangkok Prep community, fostering growth and success together.

As a counsellor my ideology is to guide students in their decision-making processes, empowering them to solve problems, take responsibility for their own learning, and embrace risks. These attributes are pivotal for students’ personal, social, and emotional development. I emphasise resilience, perseverance, integrity, accepting the learning process to prepare students to become global citizens and lifelong learners.   

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my son and wife, often exploring local parks and playgrounds. I also take pleasure in playing football (soccer) whenever possible, whether on the field or cheering for my favourite team from the comfort of home.

See you all in August!







Sarah Eastburn-Cutts will be leading our Mathematics & Computing team! 

Sarah graduated from Newcastle University  with an MMath (Hons) in Mathematics before going on to study a PhD in Mathematical Biology at the University of Nottingham.  Sarah holds QTS having completed the Graduate Teacher Programme in Nottingham.

Before coming back to Bangkok Prep, Sarah has been teaching in Cornwall, England.


Sarah  has this to say…


Hello everyone!  I am thrilled to be joining the community at Bangkok Prep and I am looking forward to meeting you all soon.

I grew up in East Yorkshire, UK before moving to Newcastle University to study mathematics and then on to Nottingham to complete my PhD.  Throughout my time at university I enjoyed volunteering at local schools and teaching, particularly maths.  I completed my QTS in Nottingham before moving to Cornwall where I have lived and worked for the last twelve years, most recently as Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for academic outcomes and pastoral care of 350 students.

I am passionate about maths and all that it has to offer.  No matter where our passions lie, the skills of logical thinking, problem solving and communication will help secure success; all skills developed through studying mathematics!  I work hard to ensure all students experience the joy and satisfaction of solving complex problems and applying techniques to real life situations and develop a love of mathematics.

Beyond the classroom I can be found exploring new places on foot.  I have completed a number of long distance trails in Europe and I am looking forward to new adventures in Thailand and Asia.  

I have never lived, or worked, abroad.  I am excited to be taking the next step in my career and moving to Bangkok.  I might also be a little nervous!  I cannot wait to arrive and get started in August and I am very much looking forward to meeting you all!








Steve Tippen will be leading in our Futures team! 

Steve graduated from Leeds, Manchester and York Universities and has a Master’s Degree in Political Philosophy in addition to his BA and teaching qualification. 

Prior to joining Bangkok Prep, Steve worked in a range of senior management positions at top performing schools in the UK and Internationally. In the UK he was a successful teacher, Head of Department and Head of Faculty at a large sixth-form college for several years where he was also on the board of governors. More recently he worked  for the Wellington College China group developing the overall strategic focus for university guidance and careers for the group’s mixture of international and bilingual schools. 


Steve has this to say…

I’m really looking forward to joining the Bangkok Prep community and heading up the Futures Team. 

I have always been interested in higher education and careers provision and what it requires to support and nurture students to achieve success in the most challenging environments. In previous roles I have designed and managed a range of innovative and successful programmes which have helped students to achieve their university and career goals. I’m eager to apply this experience to a new environment in Bangkok. 





Tyra Cummins will be joining our Mathematics & Computing Team! 

Tyra graduated from Indiana University and has a bachelor’s of science in education; majoring in mathematics education. Tyra has an Indiana teaching license from America and obtained a QTS when transferring to teach in England. 

Before coming to Bangkok Prep, Tyra has taught maths in America for four years, England for a year, and Thailand for 6 years.


Tyra  has this to say…


Hello Bangkok Prep community! My name is Tyra and I grew up in Greenwood, Indiana, USA.  

I am an easy going, caring and passionate educator. I have always enjoyed learning and trying new things. While I was in University, I did part of my student teaching in Hastings, New Zealand. This experience was life changing and made me want to travel and see more of the world. I have been teaching maths for the past 11 years and I enjoy seeing my students progress with their critical thinking and problems solving skills. 

Outside of teaching I enjoy travelling, live music, yoga, running, reading and spending time with my friends and family. I hope to be able to incorporate some of my passions into an ECA. 

I am very much looking forward to joining the community at Bangkok Prep and meeting everyone next school year! Thank you to those who have made me feel welcomed already. 







Amber McManus will be joining our Science Team! 

Amber graduated from Galway Mayo IT with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Science. During that time she completed an Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education. Later, she graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a PGDE in Science with Biology. 

Before coming to Bangkok Prep, Amber has worked in Malta, Thailand and Scotland


Amber has this to say…


I am really looking forward to joining the Bangkok Prep team and returning to life in Thailand!

I grew up in Ireland and graduated during the height of COVID. My partner Shane and I decided to move to Malta and work as international language teachers before moving to Bangkok, where I took on a role as an Early Years Teacher. 

In 2023, myself and Shane moved to Scotland to study in Aberdeen with the intention of returning to Bangkok immediately after. The Scottish winter definitely confirmed our decision!

I am passionate about the holistic development of children and teenagers. My aim is to inspire curiosity in students, a quality that is often nurtured in the early years but can sometimes be sidelined in later education. I think it’s crucial for school to be ‘fun’ no matter the students’ age, as a positive and engaging environment enhances learning and personal development. Beyond my focus on Science, I have a strong interest in PSHE.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy playing Gaelic football, trying new food and exploring markets around Bangkok, as well as traveling outside the city whenever possible.

I’m excited to bring my enthusiasm and experience to Bangkok Prep and contribute to the vibrant learning community.







Edel Rio Tinto will be joining our Futures Team! 

Edel graduated from TU Dublin with a BSc in Marketing. Edel then under took a PGCE in Business & Accounting at Maynooth University before moving to the UK to teach, while also completing a Master of Education at Middlesex University and a Postgrad in Careers Leadership at Warwick University 

Before coming to Bangkok Prep, Edel has taught in Japan, Ireland and England 


Edel has this to say…


Hello Bangkok Prep my name is Edel and look forward to joining the team in August. I grew up in Dublin, Ireland and spent my summers in Almeria, Spain. After university I moved to Japan as part of the JET Programme. I lived in Akita, teaching English at three high schools.

After Japan, I returned to Ireland to gain my teaching qualification before moving to Essex to teach Business.  While at my current school, I have had a variety of roles from Head of Business to ITT co-ordinator but my passion has been with Careers.  

I have developed a robust career programme across my school to help increase aspirations, character and excellence for all students.  I hope that my experience can help ensure that the students at Bangkok Prep are well prepared for university or the workplace and that they can makes informed decisions due to their careers education. 

During the school holidays, I like to spend time with my family and travel. We have travelled to Thailand a number of times over the years but this will be our first international move as a family and we are looking forward to joining the community. 


Our Campus


BANGKOK, 10110

77 สุขุมวิท 77 วัฒนา
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110


Primary School

The Head of Primary at Bangkok Prep emphasizes the importance of primary education in shaping students’ lives academically and socially. The school aims to prepare global citizens capable of facing life’s challenges in an ever-changing world. With a dedicated team of educators, Bangkok Prep sets high standards, encouraging students to dream big and work hard towards their goals.

Aligned with the National Curriculum of England and Wales, the school’s curriculum is adapted to reflect Thai culture and society. Teaching follows an innovative thematic approach, integrating real-life contexts with academic rigor to develop well-rounded individuals. Learning is personalized to cater to diverse abilities and talents, fostering mutual respect, trust, and inclusivity.

Bangkok Prep’s primary curriculum extends beyond statutory requirements, focusing on engaging cross-curricular themes to facilitate high-quality learning. Emphasizing active and interactive learning experiences, the curriculum encourages exploration, questioning, and collaboration. The school aims to nurture students’ curiosity, helping them discover lifelong passions and talents while preparing them for a fulfilling future.

Admissions Procedure

When choosing Bangkok Prep for your child, you’re welcomed into the school family, ensuring a warm and supportive environment. The admissions process begins with completing a brief enquiry form, followed by an invitation for an introductory visit and tour. Conveniently located on Sukhumvit 77, Bangkok Prep offers both Primary and Secondary campuses. Upon deciding on Bangkok Prep, applicants submit their application form and required documents. Assessment sessions are then scheduled based on the applicant’s year level, ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours. The assessment includes various activities and tests tailored to different age groups. After assessment, the admissions team evaluates the application and notifies the family of the decision within 1-2 weeks. Successful applicants receive a formal offer letter and an invoice for initial fees, including placement, security, and registration fees, which must be paid within the specified timeframe to secure the child’s place.

Early Years

At Bangkok Prep, the Early Years curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage framework of England, emphasizing thematic topics and child-led learning for a stimulating and enjoyable school experience. It nurtures learning through play and focuses on developing concepts, skills, and positive attitudes across various areas including personal, social, emotional, communication, language, physical, literacy, mathematics, understanding of the world, and expressive arts and design. The curriculum prioritizes individualized learning, ensuring continuous progress while maintaining confidence and a can-do attitude. Specialist sessions in Thai language and culture, music, library, physical education, and swimming further enhance learning opportunities. Supervised by native English teachers and Thai-speaking teaching assistants, children immerse in language acquisition through the immersion method, preparing them for the international community. The Early Years program prioritizes outdoor learning environments, valuing them as essential for children’s wellbeing and development. It serves as ideal preparation for the transition into primary school and provides resources for parents on the Foundation Years website.

Secondary School

Bangkok Prep prides itself on being a distinct international secondary school in Bangkok, prioritizing student needs and providing a stimulating learning environment. Central to this is the pastoral system, where each student is assigned to a tutor group led by a Form Tutor, ensuring personalized care and support. The curriculum evolves to meet students’ changing needs, offering a core curriculum supplemented by option subjects as students mature. Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) focuses on a broad curriculum adapted from the English National Curriculum, fostering personal growth. In Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11), students choose option subjects alongside a core curriculum, culminating in IGCSE examinations. Key Stage 5 (Years 12-13) sees students specialize in Advanced Level courses while also engaging in a core curriculum and receiving support for university applications. Bangkok Prep fosters a warm, inclusive community and actively participates in regional competitions and events. The school encourages student involvement and leadership, ensuring a thriving learning environment. Contact information is provided for further inquiries.

School Fees

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