Perse Coding Team Challenge - Round 2 - Bangkok Prep

Perse Coding Team Challenge – Round 2

In Term 2 this year many of our Computing students took part in the Perse Team Coding Challenge (PCTC). We were absolutely delighted when we discovered that no less than 7 of our teams made it through to the second and final round.

The final round allowed no more than 2x Key Stage 4 students in each team, so this was a great opportunity for some of our younger students to get involved. Our KS3 students had a wonderful experience joining the older students, attempting to solve as many of the Python programming challenges as possible in the allocated time frame.

A special mention to our top 3 teams in the final round:

  1. team7: Teddie, Pip & Tonson (56 points, “Distinction”)
  2. team1: Mooli, Pong & Hong (46 points, “Merit”)
  3. team5: Kiarash, Neo & Pome (31 points, “Higher Participation”)

.. and a “Well done” to everyone that took part!

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